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Published on 29 November 2017



Health Overview Panel



Date:                Thursday 7 December 2017


Time:               7:30 pm


Place:              Guildhall, Kingston upon Thames



Members of the Committee


Councillor Rowena Bass (Chair), Councillor Maria Netley (Vice Chair), Councillor Sushila Abraham, Councillor Geoff Austin, Councillor Paul Bedforth, Councillor Mary Clark, Councillor David Fraser, Councillor Sheila Griffin, Councillor Shiraz Mirza and Councillor Rachel Reid


Advisory Members


Grahame Snelling – Kingston HealthWatch

Kate Dudley – Kingston Carers’ Network

Dr Jane D’Souza – GP Advisory Member



Everyone is welcome to attend the meeting


This agenda is available to view on:

You can also access this agenda through the app or by scanning the QR code with your smartphone.


Free Wifi can be accessed in the Council Chamber:

User name – rbkpublic

Password - freewifi







There is a 20 minute question and answer session at the start of the meeting –advance notice of questions is encouraged.












To consider questions from the gallery on items which are not on the agenda





Apologies for absence and attendance of substitute members







Declarations of Interest












To agree the minutes of the meeting held on 12 October 2017





Adult Mental Health Services and  progress with the Suicide Prevention and Self Harm plans

Appendix A




To note the report, scrutinise and make any recommendations





Update from Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and progress with the CQC Inspection recommendations

Appendix B




Ann Radmore, Chief Executive will present an update from the hospital





Update on preparations for the winter demand





Fergus Keegan, Director of Quality, Kingston & Richmond CCGs will

update the panel on plans for this winter





Minutes of the Health and Wellbeing Board

Appendix C




To consider the minutes of the Health and Wellbeing Board held

on 14 September 2017





Work Programme

Appendix D




To note the work programme and agree the proposed changes: 

The addition of Transport for Children and Young People with

Learning Disabilities for the March meeting and the postponement

of Air Quality to October 2018.






Urgent Items authorised by the Chair








Exclusion of the Press and Public





This item is included as a standard agenda item which will only be relevant if any exempt matter is to be considered at the meeting:


To exclude the public from the meeting under Section 100(A)(4) of the Local Government Act 1972 on the grounds that it is likely that exempt information, as defined in Part I of Schedule 12A to the Act *, would be disclosed.


(*relevant regulatory paragraph to be indicated eg paragraph 1 for information relating to any individual)





Trailer Section

































Meetings are held at the Guildhall, High Street, Kingston upon Thames and start at 7.30pm unless otherwise stated on the agenda.


·         Wednesday 28 March 2018

































Welcome to this meeting


The following information explains the way some things are done at the meeting.


Information about the Health Overview Panel


The Panel is made up of your local elected Councillors plus Advisory Members who have been co-opted  to represent specific interests. Its role is outlined below:


The Panel may review and scrutinise any matter relating to the planning, provision and operation of the health service commissioned or delivered in this authority’s area. It may make reports or recommendations to the Council, Health and Wellbeing Board or  the appropriate Strategic Committee, health bodies, other relevant agencies and providers of services on any matter it has reviewed or scrutinised.  The Panel may review:

·         arrangements made by NHS bodies to secure hospital and community health services to the local residents

·         the provision of such services to local residents

·         the provision of family health services, personal medical services

personal dental services, pharmacy and NHS ophthalmic services

·         the public health arrangements in the area

·         the planning of health services by NHS bodies, including plans made in co-operation with local authorities, setting out a strategy for improving both the health of the local population, and the provision of health care to that population

·         the plans, strategies and decisions of the local Health and Wellbeing Board

·         the arrangements made by NHS bodies for consulting and involving

patients and the public under the duty placed on them by Sections 242

and 244 of the NHS Act 2006

·         any matter referred to the Panel by Healthwatch under the Health

and Social Care Act 2012

·         social care services and other related services delivered by this authority.


The Panel may respond as a consultee to NHS bodies in respect of proposals for  substantial development of the health service in the authority’s area; and any proposals to make any substantial variations to the provision of such services.


Public participation during the meeting


There is a Question Time of up to 20 minutes from 7.30pm – 7.50pm.  Questions may be submitted in writing before the meeting or handed in at the start of the meeting on the green forms provided. (There are some green slips on the chairs and there are more copies.)  Please fill in the relevant part and hand this in to the Committee Secretary at the top table. 


Questions sent in before the meeting will be answered at the meeting.   Depending on officers and health representatives present it may not be possible to answer questions handed in at the meeting and these will be replied to in writing to the questioner where address or email details are provided and members of the committee.  The Chair may disallow any question which, in his/her opinion, is scurrilous, capricious, irrelevant or otherwise objectionable.


Running order


Are you here for a particular item? Items may be taken in a different order depending on the interests of the members of the public present at the meeting.  Please fill out a pink form at the start of the meeting and hand this to the Committee Secretary if you would like to request that a particular item is heard earlier in the meeting.


Taking part in the meeting


During the course of the meeting, the Chair, at his/her discretion, may allow contributions, on items listed on the agenda.  To attract the Chair’s attention, please raise your hand.


Speaking at meetings


 Speaking at a meeting can be a daunting prospect and every effort is made to make this as easy as possible.   Speech friendly arrangements will take account of people who may have a speech impairment, e.g. they may have a stammer.  If you have any individual requirements or feel that standing or addressing the meeting may present a difficulty, please let us know beforehand.  Arrangements will be made to help you as far as reasonably possible.




·                All meetings have access for people who may have mobility difficulties.  If there are stairs, a lift or stairlift is available.  Disabled parking spaces are available on site.

·                Toilet facilities will be easily accessible from the meeting room.

·                For people who are deaf or have hearing impairments, there is an induction loop (depending on the building, this may only be available in the first 2 or 3 rows).

·                A large print copy of the agenda can be requested in advance.


Emergency evacuation arrangements


If the fire alarm sounds, please leave the building by the nearest exit. If you require assistance, please remain seated and an Officer will assist you from the building.


Webcasting of the meeting


This meeting will be webcast live on and a recording will also be available to watch back a few hours afterwards. Recordings are accessible for a period of 12 months. Members of the public sitting in the public seating area will not generally be in direct camera shot but we cannot always guarantee this so please note that, by attending the meeting you are consenting to being filmed and to the possible use of those images and sound recordings for webcasting and/or training purposes.




Residents and journalists/media wishing to film meetings are permitted to do so but are asked to give advance notice of this and respect any concerns expressed by people on being filmed.




Councillors must say if they have an interest in any of the items on the agenda.  Interests may be personal or pecuniary.  Depending on the interests declared, it might be necessary for the Councillor to leave the meeting.  The detail on interests is in Part 5A of the Constitution - Members’ Code of Conduct.



Unlike minutes of other committees the Panel’s minutes capture the item and main points of discussion and record any decision or recommendations agreed by the Panel at the meeting.