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Surbiton Neighbourhood Committee


13 June 2018


7:30 pm 9:40 pm



Alexandra Ward

  Councillor Mark Beynon

  Councillor Sam Foulder-Hughes

  Councillor Sharron Sumner


Berrylands Ward

  Councillor Sushila Abraham (Chair)

  Councillor Anita Schaper

  Councillor John Sweeney


St Mark’s Ward

  Councillor Liz Green

  Councillor Diane White

  Councillor Yogan Yoganathan


Surbiton Hill Ward

  Councillor Hilary Gander

  Councillor Alison Holt

  Councillor Malcolm Self (Vice-Chair)


* Absent




1.            Appointment of Chair and Vice Chair for 2018/19 municipal year



Resolved that Councillor Sushila Abraham is appointed Chair, and Councillor Malcolm Self Vice-Chair, for the 2018/19 Municipal Year.


Voting: Unanimously in favour.





2.            Question Time



A number of questions were raised by members of the public. A summary of these is attached but they do not form part of the minutes of the meeting.





3.            Petitions



No petitions were submitted.






4.            Apologies for absence



Apologies for lateness, due to Council business, were received from Councillor Hilary Gander. Councillor Gander joined the Committee following her attendance at the South London Waste Partnership Joint Committee and was present for items 8, 9b, and 11.





5.            Declarations of interest



Councillor Liz Green declared a personal interest in item 9b (Planning application 18/16156 for Grand Avenue Primary School.


Reason: Councillor Green’s daughter attends Grand Avenue Primary School.





6.            Minutes



The minutes of the meeting held on 13 March 2018 were confirmed as a correct record.  





7.            Neighbourhood Manager's Report



The Committee were given an update on a number of local issues and details of upcoming events within the Neighbourhood.


On the 30 May 2018 a total of 39 caravans entered the King Edwards Recreation Ground. Police attended initially and tried to prevent other vehicles getting on site but their presence could not be sustained at the location. Upon withdrawal they advised Council Officers to also withdraw. The matter was handed on to the Wandsworth Parks and Events Team to manage as per our agreed protocol with them. On the Saturday, after the running of the Derby, the visitors left the venue and a clean-up operation was undertaken by the Council. When incursions of this nature occur the Council’s contractors check other locations considered at risk in order to check that they are as secure as possible and a security review was conducted of all locations considered vulnerable.


The Berrylands Summer Festival will take place on 1 July 2018. This is a

family event, celebrating Berrylands, that takes place at the old Surbiton Lagoon site beside the Berryland Scout Hut. The event has a variety of stalls and attractions and last year it attracted over 1000 visitors. The International Youth Arts Festival takes place between 6 - 15 July 2018, now in its 10th year this is the UK’s largest multi arts festival for performers aged 27 and under and features some of the country’s best rising young stars. More information is available at: http://iyafestival.org.uk/about/


The Surbiton Festival will take place on 29th September 2018 (10:00 - 17:00). Now in its 26th year this is a full day of family entertainment including parades, stalls, live music and family orientated events at Claremont Gardens, St Andrews Square and Surbiton Station Forecourt. Every year we celebrate Christmas with a family event in and around Victoria Road culminating in Santa turning on the Christmas lights. This whole event is organised and funded by the community and we are seeking volunteers to assist with this year’s event. Anyone interested in this project should email Richard Dean (richard.dean@kingston.gov.uk).


Early meetings are being held regarding the establishment of a “Friends of Fishponds” group that will look at caring for the park and addressing some of the concerns the community have about the park at present including the increase in rubbish and general state of tidiness. Anyone interested in this project should email Richard Dean (richard.dean@kingston.gov.uk).





8.            Neighbourhood Working Arrangements



The Committee considered its arrangements for managing its business during the new municipal term. Within the constitutional framework, Neighbourhood Committees decide their own arrangements for chairing, public participation at meetings and determine how they deal with the regulatory functions within their responsibilities. The aim of the arrangements is to enable Committees to work effectively, enable public participation and avoid overly long agendas and meetings.  


Resolved that:


1.    the arrangements for public participation, as set out in paragraphs 6 to 12 of the report, are agreed.


2.    Licensing matters (within the remit of the Neighbourhood Committees) be dealt with at the Neighbourhood Committee meeting wherever possible but, when necessary, a Licensing Sub-Committee be established by the Neighbourhood Committee to deal with particular cases which arise; and


3.    Councillor Sushila Abraham is appointed as Chair and Councillor Malcolm Self is appointed as Vice-Chair for the 2018-19 municipal year.


Voting: Unanimously in favour.





9.            Planning Applications



A summary of the reasons for granting planning permission and of any relevant development plan policies is included in the report of the Head of Planning and Regeneration on each application where permission is recommended. Permitted applications are subject to the conditions, legal agreements and informatives set out in the report and late material together with any other details on late response to consultations or comments received since the agenda was printed, revised drawings circulated at the meeting and any recommendations, additional conditions and informatives set out below.


Resolved that the following applications are permitted as indicated.






Land to the rear of 88 Ditton Road, Surbiton, KT6 6RH (17/16795)


The Committee considered the erection of two five bedroom detached houses with integral garages, following the demolition of the existing garage buildings.


Speakers on the application




Mr Simon Legge


Mr David Barton


Mr Andrew Clark

Mr Jeremy O’Brian


Having considered the report and the contributions from the speakers it was the Committee’s view that is important to ensure, in the interest of visual amenity, that mature trees are planted on the northern boundary of the site and that condition 18 should be amended to reflect this requirement.


Permit subject to the following amended condition.


Amended condition


18       No development shall commence until a landscaping scheme including where applicable the retention of the existing trees shall have been submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority. The scheme will require the planting of mature trees on the northern boundary of the site. The approved scheme shall be implemented within the first planting season following completion of the development and the tree planting and landscaping shall thereafter be maintained for five years to the satisfaction of the Local Planning Authority.  Any trees or shrubs which die during this period shall be replaced in the first available planting season, and the area shown to be landscaped shall be permanently retained for that purpose only.


Reason: These details are required prior to commencement of development because the details would affect subsequent design of other elements of the scheme and must be agreed at the outset and in the interests of visual amenity and also that the Local Planning Authority shall be satisfied as to the details of the development in accordance with Policy DM10 (Design Requirements for New Developments including House Extensions) of the LDF Core Strategy Adopted April 2012.



Those for: Councillors Sam Foulder-Hughes, Mark Benyon, John Sweeney, Sushila Abraham, Malcolm Self, Diane White and Liz Green.

Against: Councillor Sharron Sumner

Abstained: Councillors Anita Schaper, Alison Holt and Yogan Yoganathan.







52 (Grand Avenue Primary School) Grand Avenue, Surbiton, KT5 9HU (18/16156)


The Committee considered the erection of a single storey extension to a nursery building.



Voting: Unanimously in favour.


Councillor Liz Green declared a personal interest in item 9b (Planning application 18/16156 for Grand Avenue Primary School.


Reason: Councillor Green’s daughter attends Grand Avenue Primary School.





10.         King Charles Road - Review of existing traffic management measures



The Committee considered proposed amendments to the existing traffic calming measures on King Charles Road. Concerns have been raised by residents regarding the level of traffic using King Charles Road as a cut through road and dangerous traffic speeds near the existing chicane measures which are being caused by drivers trying to avoid the existing ‘Give Way’ arrangements in place at these chicanes.


Similar concerns were previously raised by residents in 2005 when a public consultation was carried out on the completed traffic management scheme. The most common change called for by respondents was for the removal of the chicanes and the introduction of replacement road speed tables. In October 2005 the Committee considered the results of the review and approved the replacement of some of the chicanes with speed tables on the road between its junctions with Avenue South and Derby Road. Ever since the above changes were implemented the Council has received calls from residents to replace the remaining chicanes.


Resolved that:


1.    subject to local consultation, and no significant objections being received, the proposed changes to King Charles Road’s existing traffic calming measures are implemented as shown in Annex 1 of the report, and;


2.    any minor objections received during the consultation are addressed by the Interim Head of Shared Environment Services in consultation with the Chair.


Voting: Unanimously in favour.





11.         Appointment of representatives onto the Tolworth Hospital Community Forum



The Committee considered the appointment of representatives to the Tolworth Hospital Community Forum. The South West London and St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust has established a community forum to support and contribute to effective communication and community engagement relating to the Trust’s estate modernisation programme at Tolworth Hospital.


Local councillors from the wards neighbouring the site (ie Tolworth & Hook Rise Ward and Surbiton Hill Ward) are invited to membership of this Forum.  (The Chair of the RBK Health Overview Panel and the RBK Portfolio Holder for Adults Social Care are also likely to be invited to membership.)


Resolved that the three Ward Members for Surbiton Hill Ward are appointed to the Tolworth Hospital Community Forum.


Voting: Unanimously in favour.





12.         Urgent Items Authorised by the Chair



There were no urgent items authorised by the Chair.




















Public Questions


Dr Alan Flowers raised a number of issues with the Committee about the planning permission granted to Dysart School (14/16740) in 2015 for the erection of a single storey ancillary building to provide 4 additional classrooms, a service room and the formation of a footpath to access Kingsdowne Road and associated landscaping. Dr Flowers highlighted the following outstanding issues:


1.    The site works dropped kerb and vehicular access gates are still in place and being used for purposes not related to site construction works despite the main works having been completed in June 2016.


2.    Hard standing was laid down in the Autumn 2017, without the benefit of planning permission, on the basis that it is required in order to grant access to fire engines. This suggests that the fire safety infrastructure proposed within the approved plans was inadequate. A fire assembly point sign was placed near the gates on Kingsdowne Road in the Autumn of 2017 which suggests that in the event of alarm it will be used an as assembly area.


3.    The ‘2 for 1’ tree replacement policy needs to be monitored. A number of replacement trees that have been dead since June 2017 still need to be replaced. The lease appears to have allowed trees on the site boundary, which were subject to tree protection during the site works as well as part of the site landscaping plan, to be subsequently removed.


Dr Flowers proposed the following actions:


1.    The removal of the dropped kerb, and vehicular access games, the subsequent making good of the pavement area and; the introduction of revised access arrangements for the building that uses Ewell Road rather than Kingsdowne Road.


2.    The implementation of the ‘2 for 1’ tree replacement policy, the replacement of dead trees and a review of the site’s landscaping to be scheduled for June 2019.


3.    The Green Wall should be planted as originally suggested.


4.    The lease of ‘development land’ ground should be reviewed, and land leased by the Council for the Dysart School Annex should be minimised in order to enable a maximum return of grounds to St Matthew’s School. 


The Committee thanked Dr Flowers for his question. These issues have been going on for some time now and it is frustrating that a successful resolution is yet to be reached. It was proposed that the Chair, Vice Chair, Ward councillors, Planning Officers and Enforcement Officers meet onsite with Dr Flowers at the earliest opportunity in order to explore options for all of these outstanding issues.


Mr Ernie Allen asked the Committee about the missing ‘No U-turn’ sign outside the Royal Oak public house on Ewell Road. Younes Hamade, Senior Engineer, noted that this issue has already been raised with the Council’s contractor but that he will follow this up with them in order to ensure its prompt replacement. Mr Allen also noted during recent heavy rainfall that the drains on Ellerton Road were overflowing resulting in dangerous levels of water running down the street. The Committee thanked Mr Allen for bringing this issue to the Committee’s attention, the Committee with ask Council officers to investigate this issue and to update the Committee and Mr Allen in writing.


Mr John Tellick asked the Committee for the date when the previously agreed Ellerton Road traffic improvements are due to be implemented. Younes Hamade, Senior Engineer, informed the Committee that the works are currently scheduled to take place during the week commencing 18 June 2018.


Ms Giovanna D’Orso raised a number of issues with the Committee about the road access and parking bays for Middle Green Close. The double yellow lines and parking bays onsite are not enforced and thus they have proved ineffective as drivers have not been discouraged from parking wherever they wish. This is hampering resident and emergency vehicle access to the site. The Committee thanked Ms D’Orso for bringing these issues to the Committee’s attention. Mr Younes Hamade, Senior Engineer, noted that some parts of the site in question are not public highway and that means the Council’s contractor cannot enforce these parking arrangements. Nevertheless officers will contact the contractors in order to investigate these issues and share their findings with the Committee and Ms D’Orso.