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Published on 12 March 2019



Maldens and Coombe Neighbourhood



Date:                Wednesday 20 March 2019


Time:               7:30 pm


Place:              Richard Challoner School, Manor Drive North, New Malden KT3 5PE


Members of the Committee


Beverley Ward

Councillor Mark Durrant

Councillor Jaesung Ha

Councillor Lesley Heap (Vice-Chair)


Coombe Hill Ward

Councillor Rowena Bass

Councillor Ed Fram

Councillor Ian George


Coombe Vale Ward

Councillor Roy Arora

Councillor Kim Bailey

Councillor Munir Ravalia


Old Malden Ward

Councillor Kevin Davis

Councillor Jason Hughes

Councillor Nicola Sheppard


St James Ward

Councillor Tim Cobbett

Councillor Simon Edwards (Chair)

Councillor Annette Wookey


Everyone is welcome to attend the meeting


This agenda is available to view on:

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Public Questions





A period of up to 30 minutes for public questions on matters relevant to the Committee’s remit which are not related to items featuring on the agenda. Advance notice of questions is preferred but not essential.





Apologies for Absence









Declarations of Interest





Members are invited to declare any disclosable pecuniary interests and any other non pecuniary interests (personal interests) relevant to items on this agenda.



















To confirm that the minutes of the meeting held on 16 January 2019 are a correct record.





Neighbourhood Managers Report









Planning Applications





To determine the following planning applications:


·         18/00172/FUL - 10 Coombe Rise, Kingston Upon Thames, KT2 7EX


·         18/14611/FUL - 1 Coombe Oak, Warren Road, Kingston Upon Thames, KT2 7HY





Enforcement: 106 Burlington Road, New Malden KT3 4NS

Appendix A




To determine the Enforcement item.





The Groves - Road Safety Petition

Appendix B




To note receipt of a petition related to road safety in The Groves area of New Malden and propose a way forward for investigating the issues raised.





Coombe Estate Highway Estimates 2019-20

Appendix C




To comply with the requirements of the Maldens and Coombe Urban District

Council Act 1933 to enable the level of Coombe Estate maintenance to be determined for recovery of costs in June 2020.





Neighbourhood Committee Working Arrangements

Appendix D




To provide the Committee with the opportunity to consider the way in which it wishes to utilise some of the new powers and flexibilities available to it in its working arrangements.





Community Grants Programme: Neighbourhood Community Grants, Borough Wide Community Grants, Councillor Ward Funding & Community Infrastructure Levy allocations

Appendix E




To note the grant funding streams available for 2019/20 and to agree the working arrangements for the allocation of the Committee’s Councillor Ward Funding.





Exclusion of the Press and Public





The following resolution is included as a standard item which will only be relevant if any exempt matter is to be considered at the meeting for which the Committee wish to resolve to exclude the press and public:


To exclude the public from the meeting under Section 100(A)(4) of the Local Government Act 1972 on the grounds that it is likely that exempt information, as defined in paragraph x of Part I of Schedule 12A to the Act, would be disclosed and the public interest in maintaining the exemption outweighs the public interest in disclosing the information.





Urgent Items Authorised by the Chair








Trailer Section


























Welcome to this meeting


The following information explains the way some things are done at the meeting and some of the procedures.


Information about the Maldens and Coombe Neighbourhood


The Committee is made up of your local elected Councillors and is responsible for making decisions about local services, which can be tailored to the local area.




·                All meetings have access for people who may have mobility difficulties.  If there are stairs, a lift or stairlift is available. Disabled parking spaces are available on site.

·                Toilet facilities will be easily accessible from the meeting room.

·                For people who are deaf or have hearing impairments, there is an induction loop (depending on the building, this may only be available in the first 2 or 3 rows).

·                A large print copy of the agenda can be requested in advance.


Emergency evacuation arrangements - If the fire alarm sounds, please leave the building by the nearest exit. If you require assistance please remain seated and an Officer will assist you from the building.


Neighbourhood manager’s surgery - The Neighbourhood Manager will be available from 7:00pm before the meeting to answer any questions or address areas of concern.


Recording of the meeting - This meeting will be recorded and the recording will be available on the web site ( with the agenda and minutes.


Filming - Residents and journalists/media wishing to film meetings are permitted to do so but are asked to give advance notice of this and respect any concerns expressed by people on being filmed.


Information for members of the public - Details on access to the meeting, asking questions, speaking on items, call in and other information are just after the list of items.


There is a Question Time of up to 30 minutes from 7.30pm – 8pm. 


Running order -  Items may be taken in a different order depending on the interests of the members of the public present at the meeting.  Please fill out a green form, available at the start of the meeting, if you would like to request that a particular item is heard earlier.


Contact for further information - For further about Council Committees and meetings please contact: Samuel Nicholls tel 020 8547 5533, e-mail:



More meeting information


Public participation during the meeting - During the course of the meeting, the Chair, at his/her discretion, may allow contributions, on items listed on the agenda.  To attract the Chair’s attention please raise your hand.


Do you want to ask a question or are you here for a particular item? - There are some green slips on the chairs and there are more copies.  These can be used to ask a question or to ask for an item to be taken earlier in the meeting.  Please fill in the relevant part and hand this in to the Committee Secretary at the top table.


Question time - Questions may be submitted in writing before the meeting or handed in at the start of the meeting on the green forms provided.  For enquiries please contact Samuel Nicholls tel 020 8547 5533, e-mail:


Where a full reply cannot be given at the meeting, a written reply will be sent to the questioner, members of the Committee and the local press.  The Chair may disallow any question which, in his/her opinion, is scurrilous, capricious, irrelevant or otherwise objectionable.


Speaking at meetings - Speaking at a meeting can be a daunting prospect and every effort is made to make this as easy as possible.   Speech friendly arrangements will take account of people who may have a speech impairment, e.g. they may have a stammer.  If you have any individual requirements or feel that standing or addressing the meeting may present a difficulty, please let us know beforehand.  Arrangements will be made to help you as far as reasonably possible.


Phrases used at meetings - Like all organisations, the Council has its own ‘jargon’.  On the agenda and during debates you will see/hear the following phrases:


·                Interests - Councillors must say if they have an interest in any of the items on the agenda.  Interests may be personal or pecuniary.  Depending on the interests declared, it might be necessary for the Councillor to leave the meeting.  The detail on interests is in Part 5A of the Constitution - Members’ Code of Conduct.


Call In - Most of the decisions made at the Committee, except on decisions on planning applications/ planning enforcement/tree preservation orders and any licensing applications, can be called in for review by 100 people who live, work or study in the Borough.  The call in period is 5 days after the minutes have been published (the deadline for the call in of any of these decisions will be set out in the Minutes).  Decisions are not, therefore, acted upon until it is clear that they are not going to be called in.


The call in means the decision will be considered at a meeting of full Council which may either

i.                agree a response to the Call in .[ If Council raises no objection to the decision the decision becomes effective from the date of the Council meeting and may proceed to implementation.] or

ii.                establish a Task and Finish Group to review the decision in more detail. The Task and Finish Group will report recommendations to the original decision making Committee which may either accept them  or send a recommendation to Council to (i) reject  the recommendation or (ii) to accept the recommendation in part or (iii) to adopt an alternative course of action.



Speaking on Planning Applications, Enforcement, or Tree Preservation Orders


There is a registration scheme for residents wishing to speak on planning applications, tree preservation orders or enforcement cases to be determined by the Committee.


(For other items on the agenda, including planning applications on which the Neighbourhood is being consulted before the application is considered by the Development Control Committee, residents may ask questions and give their views at the discretion of the Chair.)


The arrangements for speaking on applications are based on both sides having equal time to make their points to Councillors. To make sure that the meeting runs in a way which is fair to everyone, these arrangements will be followed without any exceptions being made.  The full scheme is on the Council website at the ‘Council and Decision making’ webpages.


Everyone wishing to speak on an application, Enforcement Action or Tree Preservation Order must have registered THREE days before the meeting.  Objectors must have responded to the consultation on an application

Registration deadline:  10:00am, Monday 18 March 2019

  To register please contact: Samuel Nicholls tel 020 8547 5533, e-mail:



Time for speaking - FIVE minutes is allowed for each side on each application.  This time has to be shared by however many there are on each side.  If there are a large number of speakers people must decide amongst themselves on a spokesperson or some other arrangement. 


The Chair of the meeting has no discretion to extend the time limit.


Speakers may find it helpful to have made some notes on what they want to say, so that they make the most of the speaking time.  The notes attached to the original consultation letter from the Planning Officer will have explained the things that the Committee can't take account of - loss of view, property values etc.


The order of speaking is:


Planning applications

Enforcement/Tree Preservation Orders


Planning Officer to present item

Planning Officer to present item


Objector(s)         (5 minutes)


Land/property owner        (5 minutes)


Applicant       (5 minutes)

The Council as applicant and/or supporters of the action proposed (5 minutes)


Questions from Committee:

Questions from Committee


Objector(s)         (5 minutes)

 Applicant           (5 minutes)

Land/property owner           (5 minutes)

The Council as applicant and/or supporters of the action proposed (5 minutes)


Sweep up by Planning Officer


Questions from Committee to Officers


Debate and decision by Committee