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Published on Monday 18 February 2019





Date:                Tuesday 26 February 2019


Time:               7:30 pm


Place:              The Guildhall, Kingston upon Thames, KT1 1EU


Opening of Meeting


The Mayor will invite his assistant Chaplain to open the meeting.


Emergency Evacuation Arrangements


On hearing the alarm which is a loud siren please leave the building by the nearest available fire exit and assemble by the triangle at the front of the Guildhall.   Anyone requiring assistance to evacuate the building should proceed to the refuge areas which are situated outside Committee Room 1 and the Mayor’s Parlour where you will be met by a member of the building management team and assisted from the building. 













Declarations of Interest





Members are invited to declare any disclosable pecuniary interests and any other non- pecuniary interests (personal interests) relevant to items on this agenda.










To confirm as a correct record the minutes of the meeting of the Council held on 11 December 2018.





Mayor's Announcements













To receive any petitions – members of the Council or a member of the public may present a petition to the Council on a matter in relation to which the Council has powers, duties or which affects the Royal Borough.






Medium Term Financial Plan 2019-20 to 2022-23 and Detailed Budget and Council Tax 2019-20

Appendix A




To consider the report and its recommendations at Appendix A of the agenda, including recommendations of the Finance and Contracts Committee relating to the Treasury Management Annual Strategy Report 2019-2020, Pay Policy and Members Allowances.

Members are requested to bring to the meeting the pack  “Budget Report 2019/20 to 2022/23” (which has been previously circulated as a separate document).






Corporate Plan

Appendix B




To approve the new Corporate Plan for the Royal Borough; ‘Making Kingston Better, Together’ which outlines the Council’s vision, strategic outcomes and key deliverables over the period 2019 - 2023, supported by a set of performance indicators to help measure progress.






Regionalisation of  Adoption





At its meeting on 22 November 2018, the Children's and Adults' Care and Education (CACE) Committee considered a report on the 'Regionalisation of Adoption' which set out details of a proposal for a new Adopt London South Regional Adoption Agency (RAA) to be created by combining the adoption services of the ten South London Boroughs of Croydon, Greenwich, Kingston, Wandsworth, Lambeth, Lewisham, Merton, Richmond, Southwark, and Sutton.  In March 2016, the Government had announced changes to the delivery of adoption services setting a very clear direction that all local authorities’ adoption services must be delivered on a regionalised basis by 2020.  In March 2018, the DfE commenced the legislation that allows them to direct a local authority into a RAA if there is no progress being made.

The CACE Committee unanimously agreed the recommendations below which are now being referred to Council to approve as the Council's adoption services would be delegated to LB Southwark as the host authority for the Regional Adoption Agency. The inter authority agreement and proposed governance arrangements have not yet been finalised but the Director of Children's Services would be authorised to approve those arrangements and will consult the South London Legal Partnership and the Monitoring Officer on the legal details. 

Recommended that 

1.         the Council enters into regional adoption arrangements as part of Adopt London South; 2. staff and finances (likely 2.2 FTE and a budget of £126 000) are transferred or seconded dependent upon whether it is agreed by the Authorities involved that TUPE applies, to the London Borough of Southwark who will be hosting Adopt London South on behalf of ten South London boroughs; and

2.         the Council’s statutory Director of Children’s Services is given delegated authority to make more detailed decisions around the implementation of this proposal including signing off the inter-authority agreement, staff transfer agreement and any other agreement required to implement the regional adoption agency between Kingston and Southwark, in consultation with the SLLP and the Council's Monitoring Officer.





Financial Scheme of Delegation - minor clarification





In relation to the Constitution Review changes agreed at the last Council meeting on 11 December 2018, with reference to the table set out in paragraph 3.6 of the Financial Regulations (Financial Scheme of Delegation), it is recommended that it is clarified that the level of budget decisions for which authority was delegated to Heads of Service, will also be the level of budget decisions delegated to Assistant Directors – as shown in the clarifying addition (italics) in the table below:

3.6. The table below sets out the financial decisions that Strategic Committees and Officers have delegated authority to take, within the agreed budget:


Strategic Committee

Chief Executive/

S. 151 Officer

Strategic Directors

Assistant Directors & Heads of Service

Contract Awards

> £1m

£500k - £1m

£100k - £500k

< £100k

Acquisitions/ Disposals

> £1m

£500k - £1m

£100k - £500k

< £100k

New Capital Schemes

> £500k

£250k - £500k

£100k - £250k

< £100k

Variations to Capital Schemes

> £500k

£250k - £500k

£100k - £250k

< £100k

Capital Virements

> £500k

£250k - £500k

£100k - £250k

< £100k

Revenue Virements

> £500k

£250k - £500k

£100k - £250k

< £100k

Debt Write-offs

> £100k

£50k - £100k

£10k - £50k

< £10k

New Delivery Models

> £500k/

 > 50 Staff /

>1 Neighbourhood


£250k - £500k/

25 - 50 staff


£100k - £250k /10-25 staff

< £100k /

10 staff







Appointments to Committees, Panels and other bodies




The Council is recommended to make the following appointment:

·         Health and Wellbeing Board - Pauline Maddison (the new Interim Director of Children's Services – Kingston) to replace Robert Henderson as a non-voting Board member






Community Call-in Waiver: Murray House - Short Term Lease





Under the urgency provisions in the Council’s Community Call in Procedure, community call-in shall not apply to a decision if any delay likely to be caused by the call in process to the implementation of that decision would seriously prejudice the Council’s or the public’s interests.  Any decision considered urgent under these provisions must be reported to the next available meeting of the Council, together with the reason for urgency.

At its meeting on 23 January 2019 the Finance and Contracts Committee agreed recommendations relating to ‘Murray House – Short Term Lease’ as follows:

Resolved that –

1.         a short-term lease at Market Value for the use of the Murray House site (as shown on the red line plan at Annex 1) by Kingston Community School between the period from 1 February 2019 to 31 August 2020 be granted to Chapel Street Community Schools Trust, on the understanding that the site be returned to the Council for other use at the expiry of the lease; and

2.         the waiver of Call-In provisions be considered in accordance with Paragraph 2(A) of the Community Call-In Procedure Rules on the grounds of urgency in view of the serious detriment that the Council would suffer if a decision were to be delayed.

The reason for urgency was:   the essential requirement for the Education and Skills Funding Agency to maximise the time available for the procurement and refurbishment process in order for Kingston Community School to take occupation of Murray House in time for the start of the 2019/2020 school year.











Urgent Items authorised by the Mayor





To consider any items which, in the view of the Mayor, should be dealt with as a matter of urgency because of special circumstances in accordance with S100B(4) of the Local Government Act 1972.





Exclusion of the Press and Public





The following resolution is included as a standard item which will only be relevant if any exempt matter is to be considered at the meeting for which the Committee wish to resolve to exclude the press and public:


To exclude the public from the meeting under Section 100(A)(4) of the Local Government Act 1972 on the grounds that it is likely that exempt information, as defined in paragraph *….of Part I of Schedule 12A to the Act, would be disclosed and the public interest in maintaining the exemption outweighs the public interest in disclosing the information.


(*relevant regulatory paragraph to be indicated)




Background Papers held by Democratic Support 020 8547 5023


·    Relevant Committee Agendas.