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Strategic Housing and Planning Committee


11 September 2018


7:30 pm 9:26 pm


Councillor Malcolm Self (Chair), Councillor Emily Davey (Vice Chair), Councillor Roy Arora, Councillor Fiona Boult, Councillor Tim Cobbett, Councillor Sam Foulder-Hughes, Councillor Lesley Heap, Councillor Nicola Sheppard, Councillor Sharron Sumner, Councillor Jon Tolley and Councillor Sharon Young


* Absent and gave apologies


Advisory members in attendance:


Leaseholders                                                                          Libby Goodsearles

Sheltered Housing                                                                 Tom Wood




7.            Public Questions



A member of the public queried whether there was an update from the Council on the Cambridge Road Estate voluntary ballot. By way of response it was explained that there would be a presentation at the Community Engagement Committee on Wednesday 19 September which would set out the Greater London Authority (GLA) guidance on voluntary ballots.


A query was raised with regards to the current situation of Create Streets and the Cocks Crescent SPD and what they had been commissioned to achieve. It was reported that Create Streets were commissioned to engage with residents with regards to the Cock Crescent SPD. It was explained that the Council was committed to improving its engagement activity generally.


Concern was also raised with regards to Pinnacle PSG and their resident engagement process, in particular with the Cambridge Road Estate. As an estate advocate the resident explained that they had not received any correspondence ever from them and were critical of their engagement process. By way of response the Council was committed to improving engagement and it was explained that any future engagement would be across the Borough.




8.            Apologies for Absence and Attendance of Substitute Members



Apologies were received from Advisory Members Maria Wise, Margaret Lloyd and Harry Hall.




9.            Declarations of Interest



There were no declarations of interest.




10.         Minutes



The minutes of the meeting held on 19 June 2018 were approved as a correct record.




11.         Riverside Public Realm Supplementary Planning Document


Appendix A

Members considered a report on the adoption of the Kingston Riverside Public Realm Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) which set out a planning framework to guide the redevelopment of the open space along the riverside. This was to positively shape the future of the Riverside, ensuring it supported the different demands of the community and enhanced the natural setting of the borough, and the economic success of the town centre. Members noted that the document responded to an 8 week consultation process where 141 formal responses had been received.


Members noted the comments of the Kingston Town Neighbourhood Committee held on 6 September 2018 which had considered the item. It was suggested that some of the language within the SPD be amended as it was currently inadvertently negative toward cyclists with regards to shared space usage and the management of conflicts. By way of response, officers agreed to better phrase the plan to ensure that the conflicts were managed and the riverside was improved for the benefit of all users.


A member of the public questioned the adequacy of the consultation and whether the list and details of consultees was up to date. In reply it was explained that due to the GDPR regulations some of those originally consulted were unable to remain on the database because the Council lacked the required consent.


Some concern was expressed by a resident, on behalf of Kingston Centre for Independent Living (KCIL), in relation to safety issues associated with shared cycle and pedestrian spaces and the need to limit these spaces where possible, to avoid unwanted collisions. This was particularly important for those visually impaired or with mobility issues. By way of response it was explained that shared spaces were only present when absolutely necessary, in order to connect cycle highways through pedestrianised town centres. Members considered that a cultural change was required with regards to those spaces and this would come in time as more people became familiar with them. It was suggested that speed limit signs at the entrances of these shared spaces could be placed to encourage cyclists to slow down for the benefit of pedestrians and cyclists.


A resident raised the importance of protecting the biodiversity at the Seething Wells conservation area and the protection of the bat and bird populations. By way of response it was explained that the preservation of biodiversity of the area was an important consideration which was reflected within the Riverside SPD.


A resident, on behalf of the Queen Reach Residents Association, raised concerns with the existing riverside area and problems associated with street-drinking and anti-social behaviour late into the night, as a result of riverside redevelopment in 2009-2010. It was argued that the Council needed to be aware of the unintentional consequences of redevelopment as it could create spaces where people congregate late into the evening. It was explained that riverside lighting and low walls, used for seating, had contributed to attracting street-drinkers into open spaces near his property. By way of response it was explained that the Council was fully aware of the concerns raised and was committed to working alongside police to ‘design out crime’. It was explained that designing out crime was currently embedded within planning policy to avoid such situations.


Following considerable debate on the specific words used within the plan, Members were very supportive of the document but amended the motion to allow delegated authority to be made on factual and minor amendments to the Riverside SPD.


Resolved that –


1.    the Kingston Riverside Public Realm Supplementary Planning Document, as attached at Annex 1, be formally adopted;


2.    prior to adoption, the Head of Planning, in consultation with the Portfolio Holder for Planning Policy, Culture and Heritage, be given delegated authority to make factual and minor amendments to the Kingston Riverside Public Realm Supplementary Planning Document.







12.         KRiSP Storage Review and updated Terms of Reference


Appendix B

Members considered a report on the recommendations following a review of storage facilities in Council owned residential properties, conducted by the Kingston Resident Scrutiny Panel (KRiSP). It was noted that the review covered the areas of storage policy, registry, charging, allocations, monitoring and future usage. The process was an opportunity to make recommendations for improvements that would benefit residents and the Council.


David West, the Chair of KRiSP, addressed the Committee to inform Members of the sad death of Donald Paddon, one of the founding members of KRiSP, universally known as ‘Herbie’. The Committee were thankful for the work he had undertaken on behalf of KRiSP and expressed their condolences to his family at this difficult time.


The Committee considered the work undertaken to review the KRiSP Terms of Reference, outlined in Annex 4 of the Committee report. It was noted that KRiSP had partnered with Pinnacle (the organisation contracted to facilitate resident engagement in Kingston housing services) to plan a recruitment drive over the Summer and Autumn of 2018 to ensure that the scrutiny panel was representative. It was also explained that they would be advertising an opportunity for a resident to take on an administrative role for the panel.


Resolved that –


1.    The housing management response to the KRiSP storage review report recommendations (set out in Annex 2 ) be agreed;


2.    The action plan (set out in Annex 3 ) be approved including the proposal that a co-design workshop is established to take forward some of the recommendations;


3.    The updated KRiSP terms of reference (set out in Annex 4) be approved.




For:                 Councillors Malcolm Self (Chair), Emily Davey (Vice Chair), Fiona Boult, Tim Cobbett, Sam Foulder-Hughes, Lesley Heap, Nicola Sheppard, Sharron Sumner, Jon Tolley and Sharon Young (10)


Against:         None (0)


Abstain:         Councillor Roy Arora (1)






13.         Appointment of Advisory Member


Appendix C

Members considered a report on the appointment of advisory members for the Leaseholders and Registered Providers positions.


The Committee gave thanks to Libby Goodsearles, the outgoing Leaseholders Advisory Member, for her work on the Committee and the previous Housing Sub-Committee since 2014.


Resolved that –


1.            Tim Willcocks be appointed as Advisory Member for Registered Providers for the Municipal term 2018-2022;


2.            Alison Mary King and Hector Armando Rosales-Macedo to share the position and be appointed as alternating Advisory Members for Leaseholders, for the Municipal term 2018-2022;







14.         Urgent Items Authorised by the Chair



There were no urgent items.