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Surbiton Neighbourhood Committee


11 June 2019


19:30 – 23:31



Alexandra Ward

  Councillor Mark Beynon

  Councillor Sam Foulder-Hughes

  Councillor Sharron Falchikov-Sumner


Berrylands Ward

  Councillor Sushila Abraham

  Councillor Anita Schaper

  Councillor John Sweeney


St Mark’s Ward

  Councillor Liz Green

  Councillor Diane White

  Councillor Yogan Yoganathan


Surbiton Hill Ward

  Councillor Hilary Gander

  Councillor Alison Holt

  Councillor Malcolm Self


* Absent




1.            Appointment of Chair and Vice Chair for the municipal year 2019/20



Nominations for the position of Chair and Vice Chair of Surbiton Neighbourhood Committee were put forward: Councillor Sam Foulder-Hughes as Chair and Councillor John Sweeney as Vice Chair.




Councillor Sam Foulder-Hughes was appointed as Chair and Councillor John Sweeney as Vice Chair.




Election of Councillor Foulder-Hughes as Chair: unanimously in favour


Election of Councillor Sweeney as Vice-Chair


For: Councillors Mark Beynon, Sam Foulder-Hughes, Hilary Gander, Liz Green, Alison Holt, Malcolm Self, John Sweeney, Diane White


Against: Councillor Sharron Falchikov-Sumner


Abstentions: none


Councillors Sushila Abraham, Anita Schaper, and Yogan Yoganathan were not present for this item.





2.            Declarations of Interest



Councillor Sam Foulder-Hughes declared a non-pecuniary interest Agenda item 9 - Planning application - 30 The Avenue, Surbiton KT5 8JG 18/00213/FUL as he had recently signed for tenancy of a property close to the address of planning proposal and advised that he would relinquish the Chair for this item and that he would leave the room. Councillor John Sweeney took the Chair for this item only.


Councillors Malcolm Self and Mark Beynon declared personal interests in Agenda item 10 - Planning Consultation, Mayfield, Old Malden Lane, Worcester Park KT4 7PU as they are both members of the Development Control Committee which would determine the application. They did not take part in the discussion but moved to the rear of the Gallery for this item.





3.            Petitions








4.            Questions



A number of questions were asked by members of the public:


Mr Ernie Allen asked about a problem with water drainage in Ellerton Road and mentioned that he had previously raised concerns about inadequate road sweeping with Councillor Malcolm Self. It was agreed that a written officer response would be sent to Mr Allen.


Mr Graham Garrett asked several questions.


Mr Garrett raised concerns about planning around Dysart School and asked what steps had been taken by the Council’s enforcement team in regard to enforcing compliance with planning permissions 14/16740/FUL and 15/16401/COND. The Planning Officer confirmed that this had been raised with the enforcement team and a full written response would be given.


Mr Garrett then asked if an update could be provided regarding application 17/16742/FUL which had been considered by the committee in 2018. The Planning Officer informed Mr Garrett and the committee that they had been in contact with the applicant and relayed residents’ and the committee’s concerns regarding the lack of green space and landscaping, and that the applicant is currently considering these representations. The Planning Officer informed Mr Garrett that a written response would be provided.


Mr Garrett also asked if the council, as landlord of Dysart School, had taken steps to enforce covenants within the lease of Dysart School regarding maintenance of the school as a whole and, as he saw it, non-compliance with planning law regarding this building. The Chair informed Mr Garrett that a written response would be given.


Mr John Tellick referred to a street light at the corner of Ewell Road and Hollyfield Road which was permanently on. He stated he had reported it last week but no action had been taken. The Highways Engineer agreed to take this up with the lighting engineer based in Sutton.





5.            MINUTES





the minutes of the meeting held on 20 March 2019 were unanimously confirmed as an accurate record.





6.            Neighbourhood Manager's Report



The Neighbourhood Manager, James Geach, presented a report on recent activities and upcoming events within the Surbiton area:


Friends of Fishponds working party on 8 June 2019 was attended by 32 volunteers and Neighbourhood Community Rangers working on environmental projects, including the build of a new stag beetle loggery.


The Neighbourhood Community Forum held on 10 June to launch engagement on Your Community Plan, which was attended by 30 residents.


Recycle Wire Art Workshop on 15 June 14:00 to 13:30 at Kingston Museum.


Mental Well-being Festival on 1 July 15:00 to 18:00 at the King Charles Centre, Hollyfield Road, organised by Kingston Adult Education.


Berrylands Summer Festival on 7 July midday to 16:00, organised by Berrylands Scout Group.


Surbiton Festival on 28 September 2019.


He also highlighted that submissions for Community Grants would be considered at the next meeting of the Surbiton Neighbourhood Committee.





7.            Browns Road Area


Appendix A

The committee considered a report outlining the responses to a public consultation regarding the proposed implementation of a Traffic Management Order (TMO) in the Browns Road and Alpha Road areas which would introduce a Permit Parking Area (PPA). The roads concerned were Browns Road, Warwick Grove, South Place, Mayberry Place, King Charles Crescent, Alpha Road, Britannia Road and Middle Green Close.  The Senior Professional Engineer for Surbiton and Kingston Neighbourhoods advised the committee that as they had already approved similar such schemes in other areas the committee should consider setting aside the objections to the TMO and implement the scheme.


The committee raised concerns regarding the impact on local business owners, the allocation of spaces to residents whose properties would be affected by the proposed Permit Parking Area (PPA), scheduled construction works nearby, the financial cost to residents, and the potential impact on blue badge holders. The Professional Engineer answered the concerns by explaining that local business owners should benefit from the scheme, that spaces were never allocated through PPAs, that it was imperative to begin works to avoid problems being caused for residents because of the scheduled construction works, and that blue badge holders would continue to be able to park anywhere within the PPA without a permit.


Mr Oliver Gill, a resident of Richmond Grove who had submitted an objection, questioned the legality and process of the consultation and explained that he was opposed to the principle of parking outside his own home. Mr Gill also raised concerns regarding a page of the consultation document having been absent from the online version.


The officer responded that although there had been a problem with a missing page of the consultation document, this was quickly rectified and was a case of human error. He added that all statutory requirements regarding publication of the consultation had been fulfilled and so the consultation was, therefore, conducted legally.


Councillor Foulder-Hughes, Chair, indicated that he wished to amend the motion to include a provision for confirmatory legal advice to address these concerns.  This was seconded by Councillor Mark Beynon and the committee agreed.


With the permission of the Chair, further resident concerns were raised included the problems of parking in Middle Green Close, although it was admitted that this would not be resolvable through this PPA alone as a number of the parking bays belong to housing.


Following further discussion the Professional Engineer advised that there would be a review of the scheme after one year to see whether it meets the expectations.




1.    the objections received in response to the publication of the TMO for the Browns Road area, & Alpha Road area and officer’s responses, as set out in paragraphs 9 and 11 are noted; and

2.    subject to legal advice, the objections received are set aside, and the TMO for the introduction of a PPA which would operate Mon-Fri 11am-2pm in the Browns Road area including (Browns Road, Warwick Road, South Place, Mayberry Place and King Charles Crescent, Alpha Road, Britannia Road and Middle Green Close) is implemented and the objectors are informed of this decision.


Voting - unanimously in favour.





8.            Planning Application - 30 The Avenue Surbiton KT5 8JG 18/00213/FUL


Appendix B

A summary of the reasons for granting planning permission and of any relevant development plan policies and proposals is included in the report of the Assistant Director of Strategic Planning and Infrastructure for each application where permission is recommended.


Permitted applications are subject to the conditions, legal agreements and informatives set out in the report and late material together with any other details on late responses to consultations or comments received since the agenda was printed, revised drawings circulated at the meeting and any recommendations, additional conditions and informatives set out below.


The following spoke on the planning application:


Objector - Katherine Wright


On behalf of the Applicant - Simon Brown, Hale Brown Architects


Having declared a non-pecuniary interest in the item, Councillor Sam Foulder-Hughes absented the Chair and left the room and Councillor John Sweeney, Vice Chair was in the Chair.


Planning Application - 30 The Avenue Surbiton KT5 8JG 18/00213/FUL (Appendix B of agenda)


Demolition of existing eight garages to rear. Erection of new building comprising of 2 x 2 bed residential units with roof space accommodation, including associated car parking and landscaping.


In considering the application the Committee discussed concerns about parking at the front of the property and obscure glazing to prevent overlooking into the rear of the existing property.


An amendment was proposed as follows: ‘that the provision of off-street parking be removed from this application’.  The amendment fell.


An amendment was proposed to Condition 13 such that the film should not be used to obtain the required level of obscurity and the glazing should be obscure glazing.




i)             Removal of parking bays


For: Councillors Gander, Holt, Self, White, Schaper

Against: Councillors Abraham, Beynon, Green, Sweeney, Yoganathan

Abstentions: nil


Neither Councillor Sam Foulder-Hughes nor Councillor Sharron Falchikov-Sumner voted on this item as they were not present.

As the proposed amendment had five votes in favour and five against, a deciding vote by the Chair of this item, Councillor John Sweeney, was cast and thus the amendment fell.


A further amendment was proposed as follows:


ii)           that details of the parking arrangements be submitted with the planning application’.


For: Councillors Gander, Holt, Self, White, Abraham, Beynon, Green, Sweeney, Yoganathan, Schaper

Against: nil

Abstentions: nil


Neither Councillor Sam Foulder-Hughes nor Councillor Sharron Falchikov-Sumner voted on this item as they were not present.


The amendment was, therefore, unanimously carried.


iii) A final amendment was proposed as follows: ‘that the glazing used on windows be made of glass’ with the language of the condition to be clarified in an informative (see below).




For: Councillors Gander, Holt, Self, White, Abraham, Beynon, Green, Sweeney, Yoganathan, Schaper

Against: nil

Abstentions: nil


Neither Councillor Sam Foulder-Hughes nor Councillor Sharron Falchikov-Sumner voted on this item as they were not present.


The amendment was, therefore, unanimously carried.




Having considered the report and the contributions from the speakers, the Committee RESOLVED that:


the application is permitted (with the following additional/amended conditions/informatives):


Condition item 13 (B14/A13)

The final sentence of the first paragraph (beginning ‘Any film used…’) is removed.


An informative is to be added to this condition saying ‘The glazing of windows less than 1.7m above finished floor level shall be made of obscured glass’.




For: Councillors Gander, Abraham, Beynon, Green, Sweeney, Yoganathan, Schaper

Against: Councillor Self

Abstentions: Councillors Holt and White


Neither Councillor Sam Foulder-Hughes nor Councillor Sharron Falchikov-Sumner voted on this item as they were not present.


The application was, therefore, approved.





9.            Mayfield,  Old Malden Lane, Worcester Park, Worcester Park, KT4 7PU  - Planning Consultation


Appendix C

The application for Change of Use from Residential (C3) to a Mixed Land Use of Residential (C3) and Primary School (D1) for up to 72 children and 15 staff at Mayfield, Old Malden Lane with parking facilities/minibus drop off and collection from the Richard Challoner School will be determined at the Development Control Committee in accordance with the Council’s Scheme of Delegation. The application was brought to the Neighbourhood Committee for comment.


After considering a presentation on the application from Beverley Tourle, Planning Advisor to the applicant, during which she stated that the number of children  who would be at the school had been reduced to 56 and 12 staff and for duration of two years.  The building would be used as a school for 142 days of the year and for the rest of the year it would be only for single family dwelling use. The committee heard from residents who spoke both for and against the proposal. Members of the committee questioned the Planning Advisor and the applicant regarding protection of the environment, how other Little Forest Folk schools operate, the arrangements for drop-off and pick-up with Richard Challoner School, and more. The Committee heard that the grounds would be designed to provide a quiet area nearest to the boundary with neighbours with free play at the end furthest from neighbours.


Comments by the committee were made regarding the impact of the proposed development on nearby residents and their mental health, but also for the importance of choice of schooling in the borough. 




The comments raised will be considered when the decision on this proposal is made at a future meeting of the Development Control Committee.


Voting - unanimously in favour





10.         Early Engagement on the Local Plan


Appendix D

The committee considered the report on Early Engagement on the Local Plan. The committee noted the importance of using this initial engagement opportunity to consider a range of views from the residents of Kingston to ensure early and proportionate engagement on the Local Plan. Members noted that the early engagement scheme builds upon the statutory consultation requirements of the development of a Local Plan. Members noted that the council was undertaking a 12-week consultation rather than the six-week consultation required by statute due to the importance of the Local Plan.


The committee noted that the borough was forecast to see an increased demand for housing over the coming years, and that the London Plan would likely set a challenging housing target for the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames. Members also noted the necessity to ensure further housing would be supported by adequate infrastructure provision.


Members noted that the engagement proposals set out 153 sites across the borough on the expectation that a number would be clearly rejected by residents for development. It was further clarified to members that the council was as yet not committed to any specific proposal(s) but instead seeking the views of as many residents as possible.


Members noted that the consultation also allows for residents to specify areas in which they would like to see housing, biodiversity, workspaces, infrastructure, and nature conservation.




1.    comments made were to be referred to the Strategic Housing and Planning Committee when it considers the Local Plan Early Engagement document; and

2.    organisations and individuals are encouraged to engage with the Local Plan.





11.         Exclusion of the Press and Public





12.         Urgent Items Authorised by the Chair