South of the Borough Neighbourhood Committee


29 June 2021


7:30pm – 10:04pm


Chessington North & Hook Ward

  Councillor Stephanie Archer

  Councillor Margaret Thompson

* Councillor Sharon Young


Chessington South Ward

  Councillor Andreas Kirsch

  Councillor Christine Stuart

  Councillor Andrew MacKinlay


Tolworth & Hook Rise Ward

* Councillor Dennis Goodship

  Councillor Thay Thayalan (Vice-Chair)

Councillor Lorraine Dunstone (Chair)


* Absent



1.            Appointment of Chair and Vice-Chair for the Municipal Year 2021-22



RESOLVED that Councillor Lorraine Dunstone be appointed Chair and Councillor Thay Thayalan be appointed Vice-Chair for the South of the Borough Neighbourhood Committee and Planning Sub-Committee for the municipal year 2021-22.


Voting: Unanimous




2.            Public Questions



There were no public questions submitted at the meeting.




3.            Apologies for Absence



Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Young and Goodship, there were no substitute members.




4.            Declarations of Interest



Councillor Dunstone declared an interest in the 2 minute Litterpick Neighbourhood grant so did not take part in the deliberations or voting for that item.




5.            Minutes



Resolved that the minutes of the meeting held on 9 March 2021 were agreed as a correct record. 




6.            Petitions



Sue May, the lead petitioner, submitted her petition titled ‘Protect the last viewpoint of the countryside below Chessington’, which was launched in December 2020 and gained 1,415 signatures when it was formally submitted at the meeting. The petition concerned a viewpoint towards the countryside from the footpath along Hunting Gate Drive and called for the Council to designate the view as a protected view and ensure that the foreground provides a natural setting. The lead petitioner stated that this could be achieved through adding an addendum to the Kingston view study report which had been completed in 2018. After verification, the petition would be dealt with under the Council’s petition scheme.




7.            Community Manager's Report



The Community Manager gave a presentation on various issues of interest in the Neighbourhood. The presentation provided updates on:


·       The Local Plan launched in the week commencing June 28 2021. Any views from feedback gained would be added to the 2019 version, the Community Manager noted the importance of taking stock of how resident’s views have changed over the years on the future of the borough. There has been a particularly keen interest to get younger people’s views. There has been several factors that have impacted how the Council plans its future projects such as: the impact of Covid, challenging housing targets, Brexit, Government changing planning rules and the Council’s declaration of climate emergency. To find out more about the Local Plan, please click on the link here.

·         The Kingston Community Lottery is set to be launched which would see the raising of funds for good causes in the borough. Entries to be designated as one of the benefitted ’good causes’ are open to: charities, societies, clubs, associations, community interest companies, social enterprises, schools doing extracurricular activities and churches/faith groups.

·         An update was provided on the Covid-related issues in the borough. Surge testing has finished within the borough but tests are still available for everyone upon request. The rise is in cases has been primarily seen among the 19-24 age group which has reiterated the need for everyone to get their vaccine jabs as soon as they can.


PS Swann gave an update on policing within the borough which covered the increase in general disturbances from foxes as well as reports of their dens being made in people’s gardens. PS Swann reiterated his plea to contact the relevant authorities in order to deal with these issues as humanely as possible. Council's website, the Fox Project and the Leatherhead wildlife centre were cited as good points of contact for initial queries and to find recommendations. The update also covered the Arcade Parade neighbourhood police front desk whereby a decision has still yet to be finalised from the MPS if it is to be moved or not.




8.            Community Grant Applications


Appendix A

The Committee considered the Community Grant funding application for the Chessington Unity Running Club which would go towards a storage shed, high visibility tabards, an AED external defibrillator and various courses for the current members. In response to a question from members, the grant applicant explained that there are 3 sessions per week with an aim to expand this provision when greater funds are available.


The Committee considered the Community Grant funding application for the Sharing Lives (‘Men’s Shed) project which would go towards paying 50% of the portacabin rental on the site as well as various tools and ironmongery. The project helps address mental and physical issues among its participants through enabling a space to carry out projects such as the restoration of wooden seats and raised beds in the community garden. The applicant clarified that they are open to approach for any requests for projects from local residents/organisations if it is judged to be within the capacity of the participants of the project to make. The contact details can be found on


The applicant expressed their intention to open their project to women at a later date when capacity improves. However, discussions are underway to provide an opportunity to train women to use power tools and undertake DIY projects.


The Committee considered the Community Grant funding application for the Corinthian Casuals FC Youth Section to go towards the purchase of a replacement generator for its floodlights. The applicant clarified the cost savings that would be achieved by teams being able to train in the winter. In regards to members querying the possibility of creating a disabled team, the applicant explained that the current facilities are unfortunately not suitable to providing such an opportunity.


The Committee considered the Community Grant funding application for the Kingston Tour Guides and Kingston Heritage Service which went to all four neighbourhood committees for a combined total of £673. The grant was to support the inaugural postcard competition for all primary schools within the borough to create a postcard that celebrated Kingston’s heritage.


The Committee considered the Community Grant funding application to support the work of the Hook 2 Minute Litter Pick, shared with the Surbiton Neighbourhood Committee. The organisation undertakes a litter pick once every month and the funding would allow for the purchase of additional litter pickers, relevant equipment and to provide for the wider publication of the event.


The Committee were asked to consider whether to amend the approach to councillor ward funding working arrangements. Three options were presented:

·         Process to remain the same and allocate £2,000 to each Ward Councillor

·         Put all funds into a South of the Borough Neighbourhood Grant pot.

·         Hybrid process where Ward Councillors retain £1,000 to allocate in line with the current process and £1,000 is allocated to the Neighbourhood Grant pot.


The Committee agreed to maintain the current process to retain the flexibility of allocating community grands.




1.    The application for a £168 Neighbourhood Community Grant from Kingston Tour Guides and the Kingston Heritage Service be approved.

2.    The application for £1250 to support the work of the Hook 2 Minute Litter pick be approved.

3.    The application for £3000 to support the Sharing Lives (‘Men’s Shed) project be approved

4.    The application for £3000 to support funding for a floodlight generator for the Corinthian Casuals Youth Football Section be approved.

5.    An application for £2739.30 to support funding for the development of the Chessington Unity Running Club be approved.

6.    The existing allocation of £2,000 per Councillor as set out in the Neighbourhood’s Councillor Ward Funding Scheme, be retained.




9.            Objections to proposed parking restrictions


Appendix B

The committee received and considered a report which outlined the objections received during the statutory consultation period to the publication of a Traffic Management Order (TMO). These objections made reference to a proposal to extend the double yellow line ‘at any time’ waiting restrictions on Foxglove Lane, Chessington as well as on Woodgate Avenue, Chessington. The proposal was intended to ensure safer access for emergency vehicles.


Objections received concerning Foxglove lane related to the supposedly limited parking availability which would be exacerbated if the full length double yellow line was implemented. Upon review of the proposals, the length of the line was reduced. In response to clarification sought from members, it was explained that the initial proposal would have removed 6 to 7 parking spaces and the updated review would remove 2 to 3.



1.    The comments and objections received in paragraphs 2 to 4 for Foxglove Lane, and 11 to 13 for Woodgate Avenue, and officer comments in paragraphs 5 to 10 and 14 was noted;

2.    The objections received for the introduction of double yellow line ‘at any time’ waiting restrictions in Foxglove Lane be set aside, and the implementation of the TMO, with amendments as described in paragraphs 9 and 10, was progressed.

3.    The objections received for the introduction of double yellow line ‘at any time’ waiting restrictions in Woodgate Avenue in Chessington be set aside, and the implementation of the TMO was progressed.

4.     The objectors are informed of the Committee’s decisions above.




10.         Result of 20mph consultation



The members confirmed that they had seen all of the late material associated with this report. The Committee considered the report which outlined the results of a borough wide consultation from January and February 2020 on proposals to introduce 20mph speed limits in all residential roads across the borough. The results for South of the Borough Neighbourhood responses indicated that overall those who responded were more disagreeing of the proposals. Out of 126 replies, 65 were in agreement, with a further 37 responses neither agreeing nor disagreeing the measures. Due to the lack of support, the recommendation was for no neighbourhood action at this time within South of the Borough. The report recommended that officers return to selected roads with a view to discussing with residents about introducing a 20mph limit to address specific safety issues.


Members also wished for officers to look into addressing anomalies where current speed limits are too high such as on the B280 (Fairoak Lane and Rushett Lane), in liaison with Surrey County Council and on Jubilee Way by re-siting the change of the 30mph/40mph speed limit towards the A240. The Committee stressed the availability of local residents to create petitions in order to inform the Council of their thoughts on introducing 20mph limits within their own area/road.



1.      The results of the consultation were noted.

2.      To seek the views of residents in certain other roads with a view to introducing a 20 mph limit where specific safety issues would be addressed by so doing.

3.      A 20mph speed limit on roads that cross over from South of the Borough to Surbiton to be introduced, if the Surbiton neighbourhood committee agrees at committee to introduce a neighbourhood-wide 20mph speed limit on residential roads, which includes Red Lion Road and Herne Road.

4.      To proceed with a TMO to address the following anomalies where current speed limits are too high:

a) on the B280 - Fairoak Lane And Rushett Lane, in liaison with Surrey County Council; and 

b) on Jubilee Way by re-siting the change of the 30mph/40mph speed limit change towards the A240.





11.         Urgent Items authorised by the Chair



There were no urgent items.




12.         Information Items



Resolved that the following information items were noted:


·      Members requested for a costed and time plan for the path from Lovelace to the King’s Centre to be prioritised by the relevant officers where possible.

·      Regarding the traffic schemes update, members were made aware of the difficult position surrounding TfL funding whereby the allocation of funding has only been extended to December 11th 2021. This has prompted the prioritisation of retaining staff, delivering ‘in-flight’ and strategic projects (this includes the 20mph speed limit project). The Tolworth road project has unfortunately been placed on hold until more details are confirmed. Conversations have been underway with the Council’s biodiversity officer regarding the Jubilee Way cycle path.  

·         TfL are hoping to attend a future South of the Borough Neighbourhood Committee to provide an update on the Tolworth roundabout plans.

·       Concerns were raised by Committee members on the use of HGVs on Clayton road and the consequentially dangerous conditions surrounding the width restrictions area.


Voting: Unanimous




13.         Exclusion of the Press and Public



This item was not required.