Corporate and Resources Committee


Tuesday 13 July 2021






Set out below is a summary of the decisions taken at the meeting outlined above. The wording used does not necessarily reflect the actual wording that will appear in the minutes.


Decisions 1 to 3 and 6 to 10 may be called in for review by a minimum of 2354 residents of the Borough.


A call-in must be submitted in writing and identify the decision to be called in and the reason(s) for it being called in.  It must contain sufficient information to enable Councillors and Officers to adequately prepare any review by the Scrutiny Panel.  The grounds for call-in are either that:


  • The decision is inconsistent with established policy;
  • There was a failure to meet statutory consultation requirements;
  • There was a failure to consider a material consideration;
  • There was a procedural impropriety and/or insufficient legal or financial advice was obtained; or
  • Significant new relevant issues have been raised which were not previously considered by the decision making committee.


Call-ins which, in the opinion of the Monitoring Officer, after consultation with the Chair of the Scrutiny Panel, are vexatious, frivolous or contain hateful, offensive, profane or vulgar language will not be accepted.


Please refer to Part 4C (Community Call-in Procedure Rules) for further information.


Signatures must be submitted either in hard copy to Democratic Services or through the petitions portal on the Council’s website.  Signatures gathered on third party websites or in any other electronic form will not be accepted.  Each person subscribing to the call-in document must sign it individually, either in hard copy or electronically on the petitions portal and include their name and address.


Call in deadline: 5pm on TUESDAY 27 JULY 2021

For enquiries, please contact:

Fiona Cotter,

Tel: 020 8547 4607






Year End Corporate Plan and Key Performance Indicators

Appendix A




1)    the revised Corporate Plan deliverables and Key Performance Indicators set out in paragraphs 5 to 8 of the report be endorsed;


2)    the progress made against delivering the Corporate Plan actions summarised in paragraph 9 of the report be noted;


3)    the progress report arising from the LGA Peer Challenge follow-up visit in May 2021 be noted.





Equalities and Diversity Inclusion Strategy

Appendix B




1)    The Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy at Annex 1 be approved;


2)    The four objectives within this strategy, as set out in Key Points C, be approved;


3)    The proposal to establish a leadership group to deliver on this strategy be approved;


4)    The plan to engage with community groups to develop the Operational Delivery Plan be agreed, with authority delegated to the Executive Director of Corporate and Communities to approve the Operational Delivery Plan, which will be kept under annual review.





Revenue and Capital Budget Monitoring 2020/21 - Year End Outturn

Appendix C




1)    the general fund balanced outturn position for 2020/21 to be noted;


2)    the transfer of £4.7m into a Collection Fund Risk Reserve to help mitigate the future economic impact of the pandemic on the Council’s income from Council Tax and business rates to be noted;


3)    the general fund (GF) balance at 31 March 2021 of £19.633 million and the position on earmarked reserves of £65.044 million as at 31 March 2021 be noted;


4)    the deficit of £67.232 million on the collection fund, of which £21.466 million is the Council’s share, be noted;


5)    the 2020/21 outturn position of an overspend of £1.085 million on the Housing Revenue Account (HRA) be noted;


6)    the outturn position in respect of the 2020/21 Schools Budget overspend of £5.150 million be noted;


7)    The cumulative deficit on the unallocated Dedicated School Grant (DSG) of £12.401m, which is included as part of the Council’s Reserves be noted


8)     the capital outturn position for 2020/21 of an underspend of £96.045 million be noted;


9)    the capital slippage requests as set out in Annex 1 to the report be approved.





Emergency Decision Making Arrangements

Appendix D




The provisions set out below be incorporated in the Council's Procedure Rules for a time limited period expiring at the end of the 2021/22 Municipal Year:


i)                    the Chief Executive Officer, in consultation with the Monitoring Officer, the Director of Public Health, the Leader of the Council and the Leader of the Opposition, be authorised to make any temporary adjustments to the arrangements for meetings of Council and its Committees as may be required in the interests of public safety where the urgent need arises between meetings of Council; and


ii)                  Any such adjustments approved under the above delegation which have the effect of temporarily modifying aspects of the Constitution be subject to subsequent review at the next meeting of Council.





Scheme of Members Allowances

Appendix E




Paragraph 8 of the Scheme of Members Allowances be amended to permit the payment of Dependants Allowance for travel time of up to 60 minutes in when attending meetings or activities within the Borough.





Cambridge Road Estate - Appropriation

Appendix F




1)    The areas of land within the Cambridge Road Estate (shown edged red on the plan at Exempt Annex 1) which are owned by the Council are no longer required for the purpose for which they are held (housing purposes), for the reasons provided in paragraphs 38 - 41.


2)    the appropriation of this land to planning purposes be approved to facilitate the redevelopment of the Cambridge Road Estate as set out in this paper, pursuant to s122 of the Local Government Act 1972.


3)    It authorises the Assistant Director - Property, Development & Investment to appropriate in phases across the estate, including (a) to advertise the proposed appropriation in relation to any areas that comprise open space within the land to be appropriated, (b) to consider any representations made in response, and (c) to decide whether to continue with the appropriation in light of those representations.


4)    It authorises the Assistant Director - Property, Development & Investment, for each phase, to apply to the Secretary of State for consent to the appropriation pursuant to s19(2) Housing Act 1985


5)    In the event that the Secretary of State’s consent is given, and subject to the completed rehousing of all social tenants on that land, to delegate to the Assistant Director - Property, Development & Investment, in consultation with the S151 Officer, the authority to appropriate the land phase by phase to planning purposes and to settle claims made as a result of engagement with beneficiaries of third party rights





Kingston Riverside Workspace

Appendix G




1)    The proposed procurement strategy as set out in paragraphs 8-13 of this report be noted and that, subject to the successful outcome of the procurement of the main contractor for the Kingston Riverside refurbishment works, a further report will be brought back to Committee in due course to award the contract.


2)    The combined external public grant allocation of £2.2M be approved, to be added to the Council’s Capital Programme 2022-24 under the Kingston Riverside Workspace project.


3)    Approval be given to enter into Head Leases with John Lewis Partnership across the three areas; the workspace use (in two parts) and the creative performance space (Undercroft) under the terms set out in paragraph 7 of the report.


4)    Approval be given to permit the grant of a sub-lease of the Workspace areas based on criteria set out in paragraph 8 of the report and to delegate authority to the Assistant Director for Property, Development and Investment to negotiate and conclude the detailed terms of the Lease.


5)    Approval be given to permit the grant of a sub-lease of the Undercroft area to Creative Youth on terms set out in paragraph 9 of the report and to delegate authority to the Assistant Director for Property, Development and Investment to negotiate and conclude the detailed terms of the Lease.





Leisure Services Contract - Update

Appendix H




1)    the final outturn position in respect of the package of financial support and contractual relief to the Council’s Leisure Services Operator for 2020/21, the details of which are set out in the Exempt Annex, be noted;


2)    provision of a package of financial support and contractual relief to the Council’s Leisure Services Operator for 2021/22, the details of which are set out in the Exempt Annex, be approved;


3)    the commercial settlement agreed between the parties in respect of the removal of the Kingfisher Leisure Centre from the contract, the details of which are set out in the Exempt Annex, be approved;


4)    authority to finalise the detail and contractual mechanism in respect of the above matters is delegated to the Executive Director of Corporate and Communities, in consultation with the Portfolio Holder for Business and Leisure and the Portfolio Holder for Finance and Commissioning, subject to the final position remaining within the financial envelope and risk profile set out in the Exempt Annex.





Voluntary and Community Sector Contracts Extensions and Variations

Appendix I




The extensions to arrangements with the voluntary and community sector to March 2023, as detailed in the Exempt Annex, be approved.





Urgent Items authorised by the Chair (Burlington School Expansion Project)

Appendix J




1)    the procurement strategy identified within the report to source a contractor to deliver the Burlington School Expansion Programme be approved, which will result in the award of contracts for the Pre-Construction Services Agreement for a period from November 2021 to April 2022 and the Main Constructions Works at a total value of £13.16m for a period from April 2022 to September 2023 (plus 12 months latent defect period).


2)    it be noted that, in accordance with the Contract Regulations, the Executive Director of Corporate and Communities will approve the award of Pre-Construction Services Agreement (PCSA) including associated surveys for the school expansion project at an estimated contract sum of £600k.


3)    it be noted that, in accordance with the Council’s Contract and Financial Regulations further contract awards valued below £1m might be made relating to the following services, subject to receipt of satisfactory proposals in respect of Time, Cost and Quality: a) Associated Enabling Works Contract; b) Associated provision of Temporary facilities; c) Early orders which may be necessary to secure factory slots;


4)    it be noted that the main works contract will be valued in excess of £1m and will be recommended to Committee for approval in due course;


5)    it be noted that the totality of contract awards, including the main works contract, will be met from the capital budget allocation for the construction programme of £13.16m.



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