Kingston Town Neighbourhood Committee


Tuesday 27 July 2021






Set out below is a summary of the decisions taken at the meeting outlined above. The wording used does not necessarily reflect the actual wording that will appear in the minutes.


Decisions 1 and 2 may be called in for review by 627 residents of the Kingston Town neighbourhood.


A call-in must be submitted in writing and identify the decision to be called in and the reason(s) for it being called in.  It must contain sufficient information to enable Councillors and Officers to adequately prepare any review by the Scrutiny Panel.  The grounds for call-in are either that:


  • The decision is inconsistent with established policy;
  • There was a failure to meet statutory consultation requirements;
  • There was a failure to consider a material consideration;
  • There was a procedural impropriety and/or insufficient legal or financial advice was obtained; or
  • Significant new relevant issues have been raised which were not previously considered by the decision making committee.


Call-ins which, in the opinion of the Monitoring Officer, after consultation with the Chair of the Scrutiny Panel, are vexatious, frivolous or contain hateful, offensive, profane or vulgar language will not be accepted.


Please refer to Part 4C (Community Call-in Procedure Rules) for further information.


Signatures must be submitted either in hard copy to Democratic Services or through the petitions portal on the Council’s website.  Signatures gathered on third party websites or in any other electronic form will not be accepted.  Each person subscribing to the call-in document must sign it individually, either in hard copy or electronically on the petitions portal and include their name and address.


Call in deadline: 5pm on Tuesday 10 August 2021

For enquiries, please contact:

Kevin Jones 020 8547 6622







LTN - Albert Road

Appendix A


The trial remain in place for a further 5 months allowing for 2 further vehicle counts - as close as possible to the same dates a year earlier, and a further round of air quality monitoring. The trial to come to Kingston Town Neighbourhood Committee in December 2021 for decision


Voting: Unanimous





LTN - Lower Ham Road

Appendix B

RESOLVED to defer the decision till the September or later meeting by which time the mechanics and signage required by the Committee had been resolved. The Committee was mindful to approve, subject to the finer details of the mechanism for closure and signage being agreed.


Voting: Unanimous




Trailer Section