Growth Committee


Tuesday 27 June 2017






In attendance: Councillor David Cunningham (Chair), Councillor Andy Johnson-Creek

(Vice Chair) and Councillors Chris Hayes, Ken Smith, Kevin Davis, Gaj Wallooppillai, Cathy Roberts, Ian George, Tricia Bamford, Bill Brisbane, Malcolm Self, Jon Tolley and Linsey Cottington.


Set out below is a summary of the decisions taken at the meeting of the Growth Committee. The wording used does not necessarily reflect the actual wording that will appear in the minutes.



Cambridge Road Estate Regeneration Acquisition Strategy



1.   Resolved that  the Director of Place is authorised, in consultation with Councillor Terry Paton, Deputy Leader, to acquire property interests, through negotiation, both on the Cambridge Road Estate and those of strategic importance close to the boundary of the estate, to enable the most effective overall development of the site; and


2.   Recommended to Council that the Council proceed ‘in principle’ with making Compulsory Purchase Orders (CPOs) on property interests identified within the proposed regeneration site that have not been acquired voluntarily through negotiation.




Cambridge Gardens



Resolved that:


1.  authority is delegated to the Director of Place, in consultation with the Deputy Leader and the Portfolio Holder for Regeneration, to seek proposals for a Development Partner to undertake the master-planning and recommended delivery strategy for the potential development of HRA land at Cambridge Gardens; and


2.   the Director of Place to engage with residents in the stages of the development program, as appropriate.




Eden Walk Regeneration - in principle use of compulsory purchase powers


Recommended to Councilthat –


1  the principle of using compulsory purchase powers is agreed to acquire the land and new rights within the area described in the report and shown edged red on the plan attached to the report. The Council being of the view that compulsory acquisition of the land may be necessary in order to achieve the following:

a)    secure the delivery of the Kingston Town Centre regeneration scheme and its housing, job-creation and transformational objectives;

b)    facilitate the carrying out of the development by way of an agreed programme and timescale in partnership with the developer; and

c)    contribute to the promotion and improvement of the economic, social and environmental well-being of the Borough;  and


2.    authority is delegated to the Growth Committee to make compulsory purchase orders arising out of the 'in principle' decision.


Resolved that:


3.    Officers are authorised to begin preparatory work to use its compulsory purchase powers, including subject to the 'in-principle' decision being made, serving requisitions on land owners and appointing land referencing agents to thoroughly investigate all land interests, the preparation of a Statement of Reasons and all other necessary documentation;


4.    it be noted that all necessary expenditure associated with such preparatory work (including legal fees, consultants’ fees, and any other investigation work or research) as well as any compensation payable to owners as a result of a future compulsory purchase order will be met in full by the developer and approve the entering of an indemnity agreement with the developer to secure this; and


5.   it be noted that, subject to consideration by Council, a further report will come forward to the Committee recommending the making of a compulsory purchase order, if necessary, in relation to specific land.




Kingston Heritage Service - Heritage Lottery Fund



Resolved that:


1.        the Committee agrees, subject to the award of Heritage Lottery Funding and Treasury Committee approval of a capital funding allocation, that the ‘Kings and Saxons’ collection is relocated to a new centre built within the grounds of All Saints Church and the subsequent remodelling of the existing museum provision; and


2.        the Treasury Committee are recommended to invest £4m of capital funding into the development proposed.




School Place Planning Strategy



Resolved that:


1.         the Council’s proposed strategy for providing additional school places within the borough in the next two decades, as set out in the report, is approved for implementation.


2.         annual updates on the progress of the strategy’s implementation are provided to the Committee from March 2019 onwards.



Acquisition of King's Place and Conquest House, Wood Street, Kingston


Resolved that:


1.        the acquisition of the freehold interest of Kings Place and Conquest House, Kingston is approved;


2.        the Head of Property is authorised to complete all the necessary legal documents in connection with the purchase; and


3.        the Treasury Committee​ is recommended that the acquisition of Kings Place and Conquest House (including the stamp duty and other associated costs of the transaction) be added to the approved capital programme, and that the Head of Finance - Strategy and Accounting be authorised to make arrangements for the drawdown of the necessary borrowing to finance the transaction.




Bi-annual Section 106 financial contributions and Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) monitoring report



Resolved that the Committee


1.    notes the information and analysis provided on new s106 financial contributions agreed, financial contributions received, expenditure, MCIL and CIL income received and affordable housing agreed for the period commencing 1 October 2016 to 31 March 2017.


2.    agrees the allocation of funds to education projects as set out in the report


3.    agrees the allocation of funds to Local Infrastructure Projects as set out in the report.


4.    agrees the allocation of £20k of S106 and or CIL contributions towards the Thames Landscape Strategy subject to legal clearance.   




Membership of working groups



Resolved that Committee agrees the following appointments to its Working Groups for the 2017/18 municipal year:


·      Affordable Homes Working Group: Councillors Roy Arora, Cathy Roberts, Patricia Bamford, Bill Brisbane and Linsey Cottington.


·      Small to Medium Sized Busineses and Working Group: Councillors Gaj Wallooppillai, Andrea Craig, Hugh Scantlebury, Jon Tolley, Thay Thayalan and Linsey Cottington




Councillor David Cunningham