COUNCIL – 18 JULY 2017





For agenda item 21: Appointments to Committees, Panels and other bodies


The Council is RECOMMENDED to appoint the following additional substitutes,

shown in italics below, for


(a)  the Senior Staff Panel:






1.         CON

Kevin Davis (Chair)


David Glasspool, Eric Humphrey, Terry Paton


Andrea Craig, David Cunningham, Phil Doyle

Richard Hudson, Andy Johnson-Creek

Cathy Roberts


2.         CON

Hugh Scantlebury

3.         CON

Julie Pickering

4.         LD

Liz Green

Patricia Bamford, Bill Brisbane, Tom Davies, Hilary Gander, Margaret Thompson, and Diane White


Malcolm Self, Jon Tolley,


5.         LD

Rachel Reid

Note: At least one place should be taken by a lead Member/ portfolio holder


When sitting as the Advisory Panel for Statutory Dismissal Procedures for Protected Officers (ref 15/7/15 Council Minute 31) under Local Authorities (Standing Order) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2015:

 – Independent Person: Andrew Elmer (with Damien Quinn as his reserve)



(b)  the Health Overview Panel:






1.         CON

Rowena Bass(Chair)

Andy Johnson-Creek, Andrea Craig,

Jack Cheetham, Eric Humphrey

Ian George


Roy Arora, Ken Smith, Andrew Day, Raju Pandya, Mike Head, Priyen Patel & Gaj Wallooppillai.


2.         CON

Maria Netley

(Deputy Chair)

3.         CON

Paul Bedforth

4.         CON

Geoff Austin

5.         CON

David Fraser

6.         LD

Sushila Abraham

John Ayles, Tricia Bamford, Bill Brisbane, Clive Chase, Hilary Gander, Malcolm Self, Thay Thayalan, Jon Tolley, Diane White

7.         LD

Shiraz Mirza

8.         LD

Rachel Reid

9.         LAB

Sheila Griffin

No substitute

10.      IND

Mary Clark

No substitute

Note: The Chair will be a member of the Administration.  Council to appoint a Chair and Vice Chair

Members on the HOP cannot also sit on the Health and Wellbeing Board

Three advisory members serving on this Panel will be appointed by the Panel itself

(representing the Voluntary Sector, HealthWatch and GPs)