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State of the Borough Debate, Council
Tuesday 13 November 2018 7:30 pm

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Venue: The Guildhall, Kingston upon Thames, KT1 1EU

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Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Stephanie Archer (on maternity leave), Roy Arora, Rowena Bass, Kim Bailey, David Cunningham, Kevin Davis, Ed Fram, Ian George, Simon Edwards, Jason Hughes, Maria Netley, Nicola Sheppard, and Margaret Thompson.


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There were no declarations of interest.


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The theme of the 2018 annual State of the Borough Debate will be ‘Brexit – what will the impact be on our borough?’


The event has been publicised online, including by social media, and will be webcast.   Invitations to attend the meeting have been sent to a range of partner organisations, civic and resident organisations and voluntary organisations.


A briefing paper on the theme is attached at Appendix A of this agenda (including a Motion attached as Annex 2 to that Appendix).

The event will feature a Question and Answer session, chaired by Professor Jill Schofield, Dean and Pro Vice Chancellor, Kingston University, with a panel of local representatives:

·         Dr Phil Moore, Kingston Clinical Commissioning Group (health services)

·         David Randall, Canbury Works (SME businesses)

·         Mathewe Bennett, Wilmott Dixon (construction industry)

·         Marcus Dyke, Youth Parliament (young people)

·         Patricia Turner, CEO Kingston Voluntary Action (voluntary sector and funding)

·         Sarah Olney, former MP (2017)for Richmond Park

·         a representative from the Kingston Chamber of Commerce (tbc)

(There may be additional panellists, subject to confirmation.)

A programme for the event with approximate timings is set out below:


The Mayor formally opens the Council meeting with Apologies & Declarations.


The Mayor invites the Leader of the Council to make some opening comments and to explain that a Motion (please refer to Annex 2 of Appendix A) will be proposed later in the meeting.  There will also be opportunity later in the meeting for any Amendment(s) to be proposed.


The Mayor will indicate that he will be using his discretion in relation to the number of speakers and times for speaking under Standing Order 10(12) to allow the flow of the debate


A short video setting the context


Professor Schofield invites the panellists to introduce themselves – the panellists will speak for 3 minutes on their area of interest.

There will then be a Question and Answer session chaired by Professor Schofield with pre-submitted questions from attendees to the panel. 

Professor Schofield will sum up the discussion.


Break with refreshments. 


(Any councillors or members of the public who wish to contribute to the following debate will hand in green slips so that a list of speakers can be drawn up for the Mayor before the debate begins.)


The Mayor will take the Chair for the debate on a Motion which will be formally proposed and seconded.  Any Amendment(s) will also be proposed and seconded.  The Mayor will open up the debate on the Motion/ Amendments –for comments from those councillors and members of the public who have indicated a wish to comment.

10.00pm - Mayor calls for a Council vote on any Amendments and for a Council vote on the Motion


Mayor closes the meeting



The main part of the evening was devoted to the annual State of the Borough Debate, the theme of which was ‘Brexit – What will be the impact on our borough?’

The Mayor, Councillor Thay Thayalan, in opening the meeting, explained that one of the main purposes for the annual State of the Borough Debate is to allow more participation by members of the public than would be permitted at ordinary Council meetings and this is provided for under Standing Orders.  The Mayor indicated that he would be exercising his discretion under Standing Order 10(12) to allow more than 10 speeches across both the public and councillors on the debate and he would use his discretion as Chair to time-limit the overall debate in order to close the meeting by about 10:15pm.

The Leader of the Council, Councillor Liz Green, welcomed everyone to the event and explained that the State of the Borough Debates provide an opportunity for external speakers who have experience in a particular area to participate in the Council meeting; Councillor Green was therefore delighted to welcome Professor Jill Schofield, Dean and Pro Vice Chancellor of Kingston University, who would be chairing a panel of speakers from a range of perspectives for a Question and Answer session which would form the first part of the evening.

Councillor Green went on to explain that when the State of the Borough Debates had been re-introduced, it was envisaged that a single theme would be picked on a strategic issue which is relevant to the people who live in the borough and has aspects of long-term significance for the Council and from which motions could arise which may enact new Council policy.  The topic of Brexit was one of potentially major strategic significance for local services, including Council services, and a briefing paper had been provided (attached at Appendix A in the Council agenda papers) which set out some of the ways in which the borough may be affected.  Attached at Annex 1 to that paper was a Motion for debate during the second half of the evening – members of the public would be welcome to contribute to this debate, but the formal vote on the Motion would be taken only by elected Members of the Council.

Professor Schofield invited the Panel to introduce themselves and to speak for a few minutes on their particular area of interest.  The Panel comprised:

·         Mathewe Bennett, Wilmott Dixon (construction industry)

·         Abi Fisher, Youth Council (young people)

·         David Randall, Canbury Works (small to medium-sized local businesses)

·         Sarah Olney, former MP for Richmond Park (2017)

·         Oliver Turnbull, IT and marketing company (international business)

·         Patricia Turner, CEO Kingston Voluntary Action (voluntary sector and funding)


Questions to the Panel were raised by the following: Marilyn Mason, Susannah Horwood (submitted in her absence), David Crump, William Harrison, Mike Butcher, Andrew Mackinlay, Claudia Peto, Caroline Cheales, and Councillor David Ryder-Mills.

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