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Budget Council, Council
Thursday 27 February 2020 7:30 pm

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Venue: The Guildhall, Kingston upon Thames, KT1 1EU

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Apologies for absence were received on behalf of the Deputy Mayor, Councillor Munir Ravalia, and Councillors Patricia Bamford, Christine Stuart, and Jason Hughes, and for lateness from Councillor Stephanie Archer.


Declarations of Interest

Members are invited to declare any disclosable pecuniary interests and any other non- pecuniary interests (personal interests) relevant to items on this agenda.



The Mayor advised that the Monitoring Officer had granted a dispensation to all Members to vote on the Budget and Council Tax item, on the grounds that this item unusually spans the entirety of the Council’s activity and consequently, it is more likely that a Member may find themselves with interests which may arguably be regarded as a Disclosable Pecuniary Interest which would preclude them, otherwise, from participating in the Budget debate. 




To confirm as a correct record the minutes of the meeting of the Council held on 17 December 2019.


RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 17 December 2019 be confirmed as an accurate record.


Mayor's Announcements


(1) The Mayor asked the Council to stand for a minute’s silence in memory of former Councillor Linsey Cottington, who had died on 11 January.  Linsey Cottington had served as a Norbiton Ward member, and as leader of the Labour Group on the Council, from May 2014 to May 2018.  One of Linsey’s lasting achievements on the Council was a Motion she proposed in 2015 for the Council to adopt the London Living Wage Motion, which had been agreed unanimously. The Council had been presented at its last meeting, in December, with a plaque by the Living Wage Foundation to mark that the Council is now accredited as a Living Wage Employer.


(2) The Mayor extended the Council's congratulations to all those who live or work in the Royal Borough who were honoured in the New Year’s Honours list.


(3) The Mayor asked the Leader of the Opposition to convey to Councillor Jason Hughes the Council’s best wishes for his speedy recovery.


(4) The Mayor updated the Council on the arrangements for the handing in of old mobile phones for recycling to raise funds for the Mayor’s Charitable Trust.


(5) The Mayor reminded Members of scheduled Mayor’s Charity events as follows:

·         the Mayor's Charity Ball to be held at the DoubleTree by Hilton hotel on Friday 27 March 2020

·         a special evening performance of “Let Me Entertain You” to be held at the Rose Theatre on Monday 30 March 2020.





To receive petitions submitted by Councillors, or by members of the public who live, work or study in the Borough, on a matter in relation to which the Council has powers or duties or which affects the Royal Borough.  The petition must contain at least 20 signatures, and notice of the intention to submit the petition must be given in writing to by 10am the day before the meeting.  The petitioner will have up to 2 minutes speaking time to present the petition.  Up to 5 petitions can be presented at the meeting which will be presented in order of the number of signatories. (Any remaining petitions can be submitted, without speaking.)


Petitions will be processed in accordance with the Council’s Petition Scheme.



The Mayor advised that no notification had been received of any petitions with over 20 signatures for submission at the meeting.


Revenue & Capital Budget 2020/21 and Medium Term Financial Strategy to 2023-24 pdf icon PDF 149 KB

To consider the recommendations of the Finance and Partnerships Committee meeting on 13 February 2020 as set out in Appendix A attached (with reference to the Budget Pack circulated as a separate document to all Members on 23 January 2020).

Additional documents:


To enable the Council to approve the budget and set the Council Tax for 2020/21, the Council considered a report (at Appendix A of the agenda), in association with the ‘Budget Report 2020/21 to 2023/24’ pack which had been published and circulated separately to Members on 22 January. 

The Budget Report pack included detailed information in the following Annexes:

Annex 1 - 2020/21 Budget risks summary

Annex 2 - Reconciliation between original budget 2019/20 and proposed budget 2020/21

Annex 3 - Formal Council Tax Calculation and Resolution 

Annex 4 - On-Street Parking Account, Bus Lane Enforcement and Moving Traffic Contraventions Accounts

Annex 5 - Budget Growth 2020/21 to 2023/24

Annex 6 - Budget Reductions (Savings) 2020/21 to 2023/24

Annex 7 - Summary of budget by Service / Function

Annex 8 - Summary of budget by expenditure type

Annex 9 - Flexible use of capital receipts strategy

Annex 10 - Housing Revenue Account Budget for 2020/21

Annex 11 - Capital Strategy 2020/24

Annex 12 - Treasury Management Strategy Statement and Annual Investment Strategy 2020/21 - including four enclosures (Enclosure 1 - Statutory Prudential & Statutory Treasury Management Indicators; Enclosure 2 - Minimum Revenue Provision Policy Statement; Enclosure 3 – Maturity Debt; and Enclosure 4 – Schedule of Approved Instruments) 

Annex 13 - Pay Policy Statement 2020/21

Annex 14 – Schools Budget 2020/21 including three enclosures (Enclosure 1 -  Dedicated Schools Grant Block allocations; Enclosure 2 - Schools Block Local Formula Rates; and Enclosure 3 - School level delegated budgets 2020/21)


Key features of the 2020/21 Budget proposals were:

·           £6.598m growth and investment in services to meet key priorities and demand pressures

·           identification of £7.185mof revenue savings

·           an average council tax at band D of £1,613.08, a 1.99% increase in the Council Tax set by Kingston Council and a 2% increase in the Adult Social Care precept.

·           an increased general fund reserve of £19.633mfor 2020/21, an increase of £3.5m on this year’s figure of £16.133m to ensure prudent cover for managed risks

·           a Capital Programme to provide infrastructure investment in Kingston. The general fund capital programme over four years from 2020/21 will be £135.7m.

·           a Budget designed to support the Council in meeting the significant challenges it faces in ensuring that services for residents and some of our most vulnerable communities are protected against a backdrop of increasing demand in terms of volume and complexity and decreasing resources available to fund those services.

The Council noted that the structural overspend and shortfall of funding within the Dedicated Schools Grant (DSG) for children with special educational needs or disabilities gives rise to its most significant financial challenge. This challenge is not unique to Kingston, but the scale of the deficit combined with the low level of reserves held locally, requires the Council to be tackling it with a greater degree of rigour and speed than many others. The cumulative deficit on Kingston’s DSG reserve is estimated to be over £20million by 31 March 2020 which places a considerable strain  ...  view the full minutes text for item 65.

Recorded Vote
TitleTypeRecorded Vote textResult
Revenue & Capital Budget 2020/21 and Medium Term Financial Strategy to 2023-24 Resolution Carried
Amendment proposed by Cllr Falchikov-Sumner Amendment Rejected
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  • 66.

    Corporate Plan and Key Performance Indicators pdf icon PDF 64 KB

    To consider the report at Appendix B (with five annexes) which:

    ·         updates the Council on progress against existing deliverables within the Corporate Plan, and sets out new deliverables to be added to the Corporate Plan

    ·         updates the Council on changes to corporate Key Performance Indicators.

    Additional documents:


    The Council considered a report at Appendix B of the agenda which provided an update on progress in delivering the Corporate Plan, and which set out new actions to be added to the Corporate Plan and changes to corporate Key Performance Indicators.

    The Council’s Corporate Plan 2019-2023 ‘Making Kingston Better, together’, which was approved by Full Council on 26 February 2019, sets out the medium-term vision for the borough (reflecting the Administration’s manifesto commitments), with outcomes and priorities, to ensure that the Council manages its business and resources effectively, with activities aligned to achieving the outcomes in the Plan.  The annual review of this Plan provides both a retrospective and forward-looking self-assessment of the Council’s performance against priority activities, which enables residents to hold the Council to account for delivery and performance.

    Annexes 1-5 of the report set out progress against existing Corporate Plan outcomes in relation to each strategic committee remit.  A further report, with narrative against these outcomes, will be presented to strategic committees in the June/July 2020 committee cycle.   Annexes 1-5 also set out new actions (‘new deliverables’) for the year 2020/21 that will become a part of the Corporate Plan through the annual review process.  Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which have been reported publicly through strategic committees, have also been reviewed and refreshed and are set out in each of the Annexes 1-5.

    The Corporate Plan is not intended to represent everything the Council does.  Rather, it is the framework within which the Council will operate and within which key decisions around the future of local services and the Council’s budget will be taken.


    RESOLVED that the revised Corporate Plan deliverables and Key Performance Indicators, as set out in Annexes 1- 5 of the report, be endorsed.



    For: 35 Members of the Council (The Mayor, Councillor Margaret Thompson, and Councillors Zain Abbas, Sushila Abraham, Stephanie Archer, Kim Bailey, Mark Beynon, Fiona Boult, Olivia Boult, Tim Cobbett, Emily Davey, Lorraine Dunstone, Mark Durrant, Simon Edwards, Sam Foulder-Hughes, Hilary Gander, Dennis Goodship, Liz Green, Jaesung Ha, Lesley Heap, Alison Holt, Caroline Kerr, Andreas Kirsch, Katrina Lidbetter, Rebekah Moll, Dave Ryder-Mills, Anita Schaper, Malcolm Self, John Sweeney,

    ThayThayalan, Jon Tolley, Olly Wehring, Diane White, Annette Wookey,

    Yogan Yoganathan and Sharon Young.)

    Abstaining: 8 Members of the Council (Councillors Roy Arora, Rowena Bass,

    David Cunningham, Kevin Davis, Sharron Falchikov-Sumner, Ian George, Maria Netley and Nicola Sheppard)


    Recorded Vote
    TitleTypeRecorded Vote textResult
    66. Corporate Plan and Key Performance Indicators Resolution Carried
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  • 67.

    Armed Forces Community Covenant Working Group pdf icon PDF 128 KB

    To receive the report (with recommendations) of the Armed Forces Community Covenant Working Group attached as Appendix C to this agenda.


    The Council considered a report at Appendix C in the agenda pack which provided the annual progress report (as requested by Council in April 2018) on delivery of the Armed Forces Community Covenant in Kingston.

    The Armed Forces Covenant is a promise by the nation to ensure that those who serve or who have served in the armed forces, and their families, are treated fairly.  The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames Council signed the Armed Forces Community Covenant in June 2013 and again in November 2018.  The covenant pledges civic support for service personnel in the borough in areas such as work and training, housing, schools for service children and welfare, and pledges to promote public understanding and awareness of issues affecting the Armed Forces while, for the Armed Forces, the covenant encourages personnel and their families to do as much as they can to support the community and promote activities which integrate service and civilian life.

    The Armed Forces Community Covenant Member Officer Working Group (MOG) was established by Policy and Resources Committee on 5 December 2013 with a remit ‘to examine means by which the Council could recognise the contribution of the armed forces community and give tangible effect to its commitments under the Armed Forces Covenant. Recommendations arising from the Group would be submitted to the relevant Strategic and/or Neighbourhoods Committee dependent upon the nature of the proposal.’

    The current Chair of the MOG, Councillor Margaret Thompson, is also the Armed Forces Champion and, in her role during 2019/20 as Mayor of the Royal Borough, has attended a number of armed forces events including memorial services, meeting veterans, reservists and cadets, Remembrance Day events, parades and services at places of worship locally and London wide.  Councillor Maria Netley is the other elected Member on the MOG.  The Director of Public Health is the Lead Officer responsible for the MOG.

    The MOG’s report, attached as Annex 1 to the report,summarised the work of the MOG over the past six and a half years, intelligence about what is available to current and ex-armed forces personnel and their families in Kingston, and progress made to date, including:

    ·         a commitment under the Housing Allocations Scheme to allocate up to two flats each year to single veterans has been made.

    ·         identifying the need for local coordination of help, assistance and responsiveness, particularly for veterans who have a high level of need or who are discharged from specialist centres such as Stanford Hall, Leicestershire, which is the new rehabilitation centre, taking over from Headley Court, Surrey

    ·         discussions with the Kingston Clinical Commissioning Group and the Citizens’ Advice Bureau and developing relationships with organisations that support the Armed Forces e.g. Royal Star and Garter

    ·         monitoring of local demographics and census information

    ·         development of an e-learning package (Armed Forces Covenant Awareness) for staff which will be made accessible to councillors


    The Council noted the progress made, including that of the Working Group, as set out in the report and it was

    RESOLVED that  ...  view the full minutes text for item 67.


    Municipal Calendar of Meetings pdf icon PDF 54 KB

    To approve the Municipal Calendar of meetings attached as Appendix D to this agenda.

    Additional documents:


    The Council considered a report at Appendix D in the agenda pack, to which was attached at Annex 1 the proposed timetable of Committees, Sub-Committees, Panels and similar municipal meetings for 2020/21.

    The proposed timetable, which was broadly similar to that for the 2019/20 municipal year, included provision for five cycles of Strategic and Neighbourhood Committee meetings, with two Neighbourhood meetings being twinned to be held on the same evening (Surbiton with Maldens & Coombe, and South of the Borough with Kingston Town) because more meetings are required than available relevant dates.  The calendar also included, where known, dates for certain Committees and Panels which set their own schedule, such as the Joint Committee for the South London Waste Partnership and the Schools Forum.

    At the meeting, the Co Chair of Finance and Partnerships Committee, advised that there was an intention to add an additional meeting, on 20 May 2020, of that Committee.



    RESOLVED that -

    1.            the timetable of meetings for the 2020/21 Municipal Year attached at Annex 1 to the report at Appendix D of the agenda pack be approved; and

    2.            the Corporate Head of Democratic and Electoral Services, in consultation with the relevant Committee Chairs, be authorised to make any amendments to the timetable as prove to be necessary during the course of the Municipal Year.

    Voting - unanimous


    Member/Officer Commissioning Framework Task and Finish Group pdf icon PDF 180 KB

    To establish and appoint Members to the Member/Officer Commissioning Framework Task and Finish Group.


    Additional documents:


    The Council considered a report at Appendix E of the agenda pack which recommended the establishment of a Member/Officer Commissioning Framework Task and Finish Group with a remit to ‘shape the Council’s new commissioning principles, commissioning strategy and contract management policies and to oversee their design and delivery’.  

    The composition of and appointments to the Task and Finish working group would be as follows:


    Councillor Alison Holt


    Councillor Liz Green


    Councillor Mark Durrant


    Councillor John Sweeney


    Councillor Kevin Davis or Councillor Rowena Bass – to be confirmed


    Councillor Sharron Falchikov-Sumner

    Internal Working Groups do not have any executive decision-making powers but are a mechanism for officers to work with Members on developing policy and practice - it was anticipated that a report would be submitted to the Finance and Partnerships Committee in the autumn of 2020 for any decisions to be taken on the Working Group’s findings.


    RESOLVED that

    1.           Members as set out above be appointed to the Member/Officer Commissioning Framework Task and Finish Group for 2019/20; and

    2.           the remit for the Task and Finish Group as set out above be confirmed.

    Voting - unanimous


    Appointments of Members to Committees, Panels and other bodies

    The Council is RECOMMENDED to make the following appointments:


    (i)                    The Liberal Democrat Group will nominate Members for several positions on Committees (names to be circulated as Late Material):


          a new Chair to be appointed to the Development Control Committee

          a new member to be appointed to the Strategic Housing and Planning (SHAP) Committee who is to be appointed as a Co Chair of that Committee

          a change to the alternates on SHAP Committee


    (ii)                  The Conservative Group will nominate Members for several positions on Committees (names to be circulated as Late Material).


    Pension Board:

    (iii)                 Justine Rego to replace Tony Willis (who has left the Council) to be appointed as a Scheme Member until December 2023

    (iv)                 James Geach to be re-appointed as a Scheme Member until December 2024




    The Council considered recommended appointments which were set out in the agenda and on Late Material which had been circulated prior to the meeting.


    RESOLVED that the following appointments be made:


    i.              Councillor Malcolm Self to be appointed as Chair of the Development Control Committee, replacing Councillor Patricia Bamford in that role.

    ii.            Councillor Rebekah Moll to be appointed on to the Strategic Housing and Planning Committee, as a Co Chair of that Committee (replacing Councillor Malcolm Self who will no longer be a member of the committee).  [The Leader had appointed Councillor Moll as Portfolio Holder for Planning Policy and Economic Development, replacing Councillor Self in that role.]

    iii.           Councillor Malcolm Self to be appointed as a substitute on Strategic Housing and Planning Committee (replacing Councillor Moll in that role).

    iv.           the following to be appointed as members on each of these Committees (replacing Councillor Jason Hughes):

    ·                     Community Engagement Committee - Councillor Kevin Davis

    ·                     Licensing Committee - Councillor Ian George

    ·                     Staff Appeals Committee - Councillor Kevin Davis

    ·                     Blue Badge Appeals - Councillor Ed Fram


    v.            the following non-elected members to be appointed to the Pension Board:

    ·                     Justine Rego to be appointed as a Scheme Member until December 2023 (replacing Tony Willis, who has left the Council)

    ·                     James Geach to be re-appointed as a Scheme Member until December 2024


    Voting - unanimous


    Urgent Items authorised by the Mayor



    To consider any items which, in the view of the Mayor, should be dealt with as a matter of urgency because of special circumstances in accordance with S100B(4) of the Local Government Act 1972.





    Background Papers  held by Democratic Support 020 8547 5023


    • Relevant Committee Agendas.


    There were no urgent items authorised by the Mayor.

    Annex 1 - Timetable of Meetings 2020/21 pdf icon PDF 105 KB