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Appointment of Chair and Vice-Chair for the Municipal Year 2019-20


Councillor Simon Edwards was appointed Chair and Councillor Lesley Heap was appointed Vice-Chair for the municipal year 2019-20.


Presentation on Refuse and Recycling Contract Arrangements


Members received a presentation from Beth Waltzer, the Contract Manager for Waste and Streets, on the refuse and recycling arrangements and the street cleansing service since the Council joined the South London Waste Partnership Environmental Services Contract.


Members noted the existing and new food, recycling and rubbish services for households, flats and businesses. It was also noted that there were separate paid and ad-hoc services for garden waste, bulky waste, commercial waste, hazardous waste and clinical waste collections.


It was explained that enforcement of an existing Boundary Collection Policy was now taking place where bins would not be emptied if they were not placed at the boundary of the property. Furthermore a tagging system would be introduced in August 2019 for contaminated recycling bins to notify residents when contamination was present. Door knocking would also take place to raise awareness of the recycling requirements. Members were also notified that there would be enforcement of the existing Excess Waste Process starting in August 2019 where any waste left next to full waste bins would not be collected.


It was also explained that in terms of street cleansing there was a move from a frequency based service to a standards based service, which allowed the Council to better target resources more efficiently. It was highlighted that there were four grades A, B, C and D which defined the level of litter and detritus on the streets and remedial action would only be taken when a street had reached Grade C meaning ‘widespread distribution of litter and/ or refuse with minor accumulations’.


Members also noted improvements in other core street cleansing work including faster response times with litter bin overflows the new use of a SLWP grab lorry to remove fly-tipping litter from the public highway.


Public Questions

A period of up to 30 minutes for public questions on matters relevant to the

Committee’s remit which are not related to items featuring on the agenda. Advance notice of questions is preferred but not essential.


A resident, Mary Clark addressed the Committee to raise some questions. Her first question was regarding the Maeldune Fair in New Malden and the reasoning behind why this event was being charged £400 by the Council to take place. As she said the charges were discretionary for charitable community events and concessions for charitable and community events should exist otherwise these events would not be able to take place in future.


In response the Chair, Cllr Simon Edwards mentioned that a recent Westminster case determined that treating Community/charitable events differently to commercial/business events was unlawful. It was also reiterated that legal advice was currently being sought about what could be deemed as 'discretionary'.


Her second question was surrounding a request for the money owed to the New Malden Farmer's market to the sum of £1800. She explained that she was unable to fulfil the process of giving money to charity due the Council's charging of the event. She explained that she was not willing to give bank account information to the Council and queried when this would be resolved.





Apologies for Absence


Apologies were received from Councillors Rowena Bass, Kevin Davis and Jason Hughes.


Declarations of Interest

Members are invited to declare any disclosable pecuniary interests and any other non pecuniary interests (personal interests) relevant to items on this agenda.



Councillor Roy Arora declared an interest in relation to the Early Engagement on the Local Plan Item as he sat on the Strategic Housing and Planning Committee which would determine the final Local Plan in the future.




Members received a petition signed by 36 residents which requested the following on Columbia Avenue:


1)    resurfacing of the carriageway and repair of footpaths of Columbia Avenue;


2)    painting of the faded double-yellow lines at Columbia Avenue;


3)    The installation of a 'keep clear' sign on the Road at the junction of Malden Road and Columbia Avenue.


Members noted that a response to the Lead Petitioners would be provided by officers following the requirments as set out in the Council’s Petition Scheme.


Neighbourhood Managers Report


The Chair announced that Neville Rainford, the Maldens and Coombe Neighbourhood Manager had recently retired from the Council. The Committee gave thanks to him for his loyal service to the Borough for over 19 years. The Chair thanked him personally for his guidance and support since being elected in May 2018.


The newly appointed Maldens and Coombe Neighbourhood Manager, Richard Dean, updated the Committee on upcoming events and local issues. It was reported that there was a National Clean Air Day taking place on 20 June 2019. It was highlighted that the Council was committed to improving air quality across the borough by working together with residents, communities, businesses and partners on this issue. It was explained that over the next few months the Council would be holding events to get the ideas and thoughts of those who live, work, study and visit the borough. These will be the start of a sustained programme of activity focused on improving air quality across the borough for years to come. If residents were interested in being involved in any initiatives or opportunities to engage on the matter of air quality they were encouraged to register their interest by filling in our short survey.


The Council were holding community forums from June 2019, where residents could help shape the future of their local area. The events were based around Kingston's four neighbourhoods - South of the borough, Surbiton, Maldens and Coombe and Kingston Town. There will be four events held in each neighbourhood over the course of the year. The first round of events, which started on 3 June, would focus on developing local Community Plans.


A Community Plan was a shared action plan created in partnership with the community, which outlined residents' ideas, aspirations and priorities to effect change locally. Each event would bring residents and community groups together to look at six main topics relevant to the area. We would then use this feedback to start to develop a Community Plan together.


It was reiterated that the public were encouraged to come forward with ideas of what the Cocks Crescent site in New Malden could become.

It was explained that over the last few years the Council had worked with the community to help develop a vision for the site and we are keen for this to continue. There were still many aspects of the proposed development which need to be defined and you will have a real opportunity to influence and play a part during the next stage.


The council had appointed an independent consultant, Fluid Design, to work alongside officers to undertake the co-design process. During June and July 2019 the Council would be holding a number of co-design events with the community to shape a Design and Development Brief for the site. We are keen to encourage as many people as possible to get involved. Residents were asked to contribute by completing the online survey on the Council’s website.


Residents were reminded that the Heathrow Airport expansion  ...  view the full minutes text for item 7.



To confirm that the minutes of the meeting held on 20 March 2019 are a correct record.


The minutes of the meeting held on 20 March 2019 were approved as a correct record.


Early Engagement on the Local Plan pdf icon PDF 98 KB

To engage with the Neighbourhood Committee and seek comments from Members on the Local Plan Early Engagement as part of the public consultation.

Additional documents:


Resolved that the comments of the Neighbourhood Committee be reported back to the Strategic Housing and Planning Committee when it considers the Local Plan Early Engagement document and the Committee encourages individuals and organisations to submit their own responses.


Members received a report on the early engagement of the Local Plan which sought to engage with the Neighbourhood Committee and receive comments from Members as part of the ongoing public consultation.


Members noted that the Council was preparing a new Local Plan which would replace the current Core Strategy (2012) and Kingston Town Centre Area Action Plan (2008). Planning applications would be determined in accordance with the local plan, unless material considerations indicated otherwise. For the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, this would be the new Local Plan and the London Plan, and therefore the new Local Plan was critical in shaping the future of the borough.


It was explained that this was the first public stage of development of a new local plan for the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames. The consultation period runs from 1 May to 31 July 2019 and all views were encouraged.


Members raised concern surrounding excessive overdevelopment in particular locations and a view that development should be spread across the Borough rather than the construction of high rise buildings in one particular area. There was concern surrounding loss of valuable green space and there was a strong desire not to build on the greenbelt.


Furthermore rather than looking purely at the number of dwellings, the type and appropriateness of the dwelling in the area needed to be considered. For example in suburban areas young families needed housing to fit their needs. There was the view that the Neighbourhood Community Plan needed to feed into the Local Plan and vice-versa to take local issues into account. Some Members indicated that mixed-use developments with commercial and housing were not suitable in this Neighbourhood as commercial units were being left unused. In addition lockable cycle storage needed to be created as part of all new developments in the Borough.


The Committee were mindful of the way engagement was conducted and the need to have an honest conversation with residents to explain the parameters of what was realistically achievable, in light of the London Plan’s housing targets. There was the view that more needed to be done to explain that not every option was available and some of what is wanted by residents would not be possible. The Council had a leadership role to explain the position that the borough faces.


Some Councillors were in favour of more development in the South of Borough as there was considerable space for development compared to Maldens and Coombe.


Resolved that the comments of the Neighbourhood Committee be reported back to the Strategic Housing and Planning Committee when it considers the Local Plan Early Engagement document and the Committee encourages individuals and organisations to submit their own responses.


Information item: Community Infrastructure Levy pdf icon PDF 67 KB

Discussion on the Community Infrastructure Levy.


Members considered an information item on the Community Infrastructure Levy guidance. It was explained that the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) was a charge that Councils and the Mayor of London could apply to new developments such as new houses or flats, residential extensions of over 100sqm, and commercial development. The money collected was spent on new infrastructures, such as roads, schools and parks. CIL was separate from Section 106 planning obligations, which were used to provide specific infrastructure associated with development.


The Committee was in favour of the creation of a list of projects for funding in the Neighbourhood. A number of proposals were suggested as follows:

·         Electric vehicle charging points

·         Community garden spaces

·         Upkeep of existing infrastructure

·         A solution to the Fountain Roundabout congestion

·         Air quality matters


Urgent Items Authorised by the Chair


There were no urgent items.