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Venue: Guildhall, Kingston upon Thames

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Note: Please note that Item 6 Annex 1 was revised on 6 July from the original published version 

No. Item



To consider questions from the gallery on items which are not on the agenda


Councillor Rowena Bass explained the role of Health Scrutiny and that question time provides a brief opportunity for people to ask questions about topics which are not on the agenda.  She added that the Panel would not accept any questions which have previously been asked at Health Overview Panel meetings.  Councillor Bass explained that the Panel is a committee of the council but it is not a public forum and there are a number of other health forums which may be better placed to receive detailed questions from the public.  She added that the Panel would take steps to help ensure future forum events are better known locally.


Councillor Bass requested that questioners keep their questions concise.


Mr Carl Kember asked the following questions:


1.    Air Quality - will the Panel write to the Mayor of London requesting the introduction of cleaner buses in Kingston and could notices be displayed at the bus station to inform the public about the poor air quality?


Chair stated that these requests would be consider as part of the work programme.


2.    Bereavement counselling - could the panel look into the provision for bereavement counselling for new widows who need to wait for considerable time for help?  He added that a number of councillors are young student councillors from NESCOT who are counselling people who are much older than themselves.  


Tonia Michaelides stated that if there is a particular case of a bereaved person experiencing a long delay in accessing counselling then this could be raised in writing to the CCG although this is not something that has been identified by GPs.  Tonia Michaelides also agreed to look into trainee counsellors if details can be provided of who the trainees are working for.


3.    Mr Kember asked whether the Panel will agree to continue to monitor the proposed changes to assessments for Autism.


The Chair agreed to add this topic to the list of items to be considered for the work programme.


4.    Mr Kember pointed out that the Panel was poorly attended by the public and could more be done to encourage better attendance?


The Chair responded that if people find that the work programme is of interest to them then they will come along.  The Chair added that she had recently phoned Mr Kember and offered to meet him outside of the Panel meeting.  


5.    Mr Kember requested the Panel to look at the way nearby London Boroughs of Wandsworth, Richmond and Merton run their HOSCs.


The Chair and the Vice Chair stated that they had attended a recent Centre for Public Scrutiny Conference for Health Scrutiny where they had met colleagues from other Boroughs.  The Vice Chair added that she had been on a CfPS Scrutiny Course earlier today and assured Mr Kember that they will be looking at best practice and find better ways of making HOP more applicable.  The Chair added that she had a professional background in scrutiny but not in health and very keen to make  ...  view the full minutes text for item 1.


Apologies for absence and attendance of substitute members


Apologies were received from Councillor Geoff Austin and Paul Bedforth.  Councillor Ian George attended as substitute for Councillor Bedforth.


Apologies were also received from Kate Dudley, Chair, Kingston Carers’ Network and David Still, Adult Carers Service Manager, attended on her behalf.


The Chair took this opportunity to state that this was Duncan Burton’s last meeting as he would be leaving Kingston Hospital shortly to take up a post with another hospital and she thanked him for his contribution to the work of the Panel.



Declarations of Interest


There were no declarations of interest.



To agree the minutes of the meeting held on 14 March 2017


Agreed that:  the minutes of the last meeting held on 14 March were agreed as a correct record.


Appointment of Advisory Members

To appoint the following advisory members for the 2017/18 municipal year:


·         Grahame Snelling, Chair of Healthwatch

·         Kate Dudley, Chair of Kingston Carers’ Network and Alternate David Still, Adult Carers Service Manager

·         Dr Jane D’Souza, GP Advisory Member


Agreed that:  Grahame Snelling, Chair of Healthwatch Kingston and Kate Dudley, Chair of Kingston Carers’ Network were appointed as advisory members and Dr Jane D’Souza was appointed as GP Advisor to the Panel for 2017/18.


David Still, Adult Carers Service Manager, Kingston Carers’ Network, was appointed as alternate for Kate Dudley.


Update on key roles, drivers and changes for Kingston health and social care partners pdf icon PDF 196 KB

To consider the attached report and ask any questions. 


The report includes contributions from:

Kingston Clinical Commissioning Group

GP Chambers

Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

South West London and St George’s NHS Mental Health Trust

Healthwatch Kingston

Your Healthcare

Adult Social Care – Kingston Co-ordinated Care

Additional documents:


The Chair introduced this item by stating that the Panel can achieve maximum effectiveness if members are up to date on the local health and social care framework and organisational developments.  The Chair stated that she had requested health partners to submit position statements which were included in the published agenda and asked them to give brief introductions on key challenges and changes and what they considered the Panel could usefully look at as part of its work programme.  She added that she hoped some health partners would stay for the discussion on work programme.


Kingston Clinical Commissioning Group – Tonia Michaelides, Managing Director of Kingston CCG and Richmond CCG 

The new shared operating model is the most significant recent change.  The South West London Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) has brought about a shared operating model across the six CCGs but they all remain independent statutory bodies.  However, to make the transformation they need to work collaboratively and on 1 April 2017 SWL transformational alliances have been formed between Kingston and Richmond, Merton and Wandsworth.  Sutton is expected to join with Merton and Wandsworth in April 2018.  There is still local leadership with three Managing Directors across the alliance.  


Budget – This year’s allocation is £248M.  The CCG successfully met its financial obligations in 2016/17, and a £9M savings plan needs to be delivered during 2017/18.  KCCG’s funding allocation is based on the registered population i.e. the total number of residents who are registered with local GPs.  However, the resident population is 30K larger than the registered population. 


Sustainability and Transformation Plans – have been drawn up in each of the 44 footprint areas in England in response to the NHS 5 Year Forward View.  The SWL STP was not formally published but came into the public domain in October last year.  The key priorities which the STP identified are to improve accessibility to GPs, to provide more care and treatment in the community, to provide improved support for people with long term conditions, to treat mental and physical health together, to improve the buildings where health care is provided and with more effective systems hospital care can be delivered more quickly to those who need it. Further information about the new narrative will be available in the next couple of months and this will cover the delivery of an improved local service and how it will be easier to get local treatment.


The following information was provided in response to questions:

Sarah Blow is the one accountable officer across the five CCGs and is also the senior responsible officer for the delivery of the STP.  She would be happy to come to the individual HOSC meetings of the 5 councils.  Tonia Michaelides agreed to provide the panel with a summary of the accountability for the STP.  This covers a number of other legal responsibilities, including safeguarding.


A member sought further details about proposals to introduce Care Navigators.  It was explained that they are health and social  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.


Work Programme pdf icon PDF 78 KB

To agree one to two main topics for consideration at the remaining meetings in the 2017/18 Municipal Year (Thursday 12 October, Thursday 7 December and Wednesday 28 March).


The Chair stated that she was keen to strengthen the approach of the Panel and that a good approach would be to design a work programme for the coming two years.  The Panel needed to decide the topics for the next meeting.  The Chair thanked members of the Panel who had suggested items and added that following discussion with officers none was at an appropriate stage to consider at this meeting.


The Chair proposed the formation of a Working Group to decide a flexible work programme for the coming two years and a second working group to help develop/scope the main topic for the next meeting.


It was suggested that a main scrutiny item would be considered at each meeting and an update on one or two smaller topics would be taken.


During discussion on the main item for the next meeting i.e. the provision of GP services in the Borough, a number of initial suggestions were made including patient satisfaction, GP relationships with local pharmacies, single handed GPs, practice mergers.  The working party would develop themes further to ensure areas which the Panel wishes to explore are covered.  


A number of comments were made by members. Grahame Snelling confirmed that Healthwatch had written to KCCG about the Choosing Wisely proposals as some of the proposals have huge potential for causing stress and distress.  Other work programme suggestions were put forward including an information item on the plans for winter hubs, the Autism strategy, childhood obesity and an update on the CQC inspection of Kingston Hospital.


Agreed that: 


1.    A member group is set up to consider the work programme for the next 24 months consisting of the Councillors Rowena Bass, Maria Netley, Rachel Reid, Kate Dudley and Grahame Snelling;


2.    A member group to scope the main topic for the next meeting (GP services)  is set up consisting of Councillors Bass, Netley and Reid and Councillor Clark (by email); and


3.    The following items would be considered at the next meeting:


·         GP services in Kingston (main item of business)

·         Update on the STP and how it affects local Kingston residents and local engagement

·         Choosing Wisely – outcome of the consultation, including proposals for IVF.


Annual Report of the Health Overview Panel 2016/17 pdf icon PDF 235 KB

To receive the annual report which describes the work undertaken in the past year


The Annual Report set out the work undertaken by the Panel during 2016/17 and was introduced by Councillor Andrew Day, the former Chair (2013/14 to 2016/17).  Key topics included in the report were:


·         Updates on the deficit at Kingston Hospital, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspection and an overview  from Ann Radmore, Chief Executive

·         CQC inspection of South West London and St George’s Mental Health Trust

·         Mental Health services provided in Kingston by Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust (CQC report)

·         Update on the SWL Sustainability and Transformation Plan

·         Reablement Services in Kingston

·         Accessibility at train stations in Kingston

·         Air Quality in Kingston

·         Kingston clinical assessment service developments and access to GP appointments

·         Stay Well this winter

·         Kingston Clinical Commissioning Group’s Choosing Wisely programme and engagement plan


Agreed that:  the report is noted and Councillor Andrew Day was thanked for his work as Chair of the Panel for the past three years.



Question Time

To agree that individual questioners may take up no more than 2 minutes per person (plus time for officer responses) during the 20 minutes question time at the beginning of the meeting.


This item was withdrawn from the agenda by the Chair.


Minutes of the Health and Wellbeing Board pdf icon PDF 132 KB

To consider the minutes of the Health and Wellbeing Board held on 28 March 2017 and 15 June 2017

Additional documents:


Agreed that:  the minutes of the Health and Wellbeing Board meetings on 28 March 2017 and 15 June 2017 were noted.