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Kingston Strategic Partnership

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John Azah                                          Kingston Race and Equalities Council

Shane Brennan                                 Staywell

Marilyn Mason                                   Kingston Environment Group

Alison Chivers                                   Jobcentre Plus

Cllr Kevin Davis                                 RBK (chair)

Hilary Garner                                     Kingston Voluntary Action (vice chair)

Kate Grimes                                      Kingston Hospital

Jonathan Hildebrand                        RBK

Jerry Irving                                          Kingston Chamber of Commerce (vice chair)

Dr Naz Jivani                                     Kingston CCG

Peter Mayhew-Smith                        Kingston College

Bruce McDonald                               RBK

Tonia Michaelides                            Kingston Clinical Commissioning Group

Ros Morgan                                       Kingston First

Sue Redmond                                   RBK

Steven Spier / Martyn Jones            Kingston University

Chief Supt Glenn Tunstall                 Kingston Met Police