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In light of recent events and following the latest Government advice on the Coronavirus, the Council has cancelled all its scheduled council and committee meetings until 11 May 2020. The law has now changed to permit Local Authorities to hold virtual meetings and the Council is urgently reviewing how and when a schedule of such meetings may be implemented.

In the meantime, the Council is committed to maintaining full transparency in the decision making process during this period.

This page lists the meetings for Scrutiny Panel.

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Information about Scrutiny Panel

·         The Panel will consider and review Call-ins in accordance with the Call-In procedure rules set out in Part 4C of this Constitution.


·         The Panel will be convened as required whenever a valid Call-In is received.


·         The Panel will be chaired by an Opposition Member.


·         The Panel will be able either to uphold the original decision of the Strategic or Neighbourhood Committee or refer it back to the relevant Committee (or, where it makes for a speedier determination of the decision and in other exceptional circumstances, to Council) with recommendations for amendment or reversal of the decision.


·         The Panel may invite such persons as it considers appropriate to attend the meeting and offer advice.

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