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Adults and Children's Committee

New Regulations allow Committees to meet in virtual form online. Following Council approval on 19th May 2020 the Council’s five Strategic Committees responsible for major policy and service decisions will be temporarily streamlined into one Response and Recovery Committee. This will meet on a monthly basis and will be empowered to deal with all urgent business which would normally be considered by the other Strategic Committees, if it cannot wait until the resumption of normal conditions.

Regulatory Committees including Development Control Committee, Neighbourhood Planning-Sub Committees and Licensing Sub-Committees will continue to take place virtually. These will remain in place until at least 12th October when the Council will meet to decide whether circumstances allow for the resumption of normal business.

The Council is committed to maintaining full transparency in the decision making process during this period.

See here for all decisions taken under special urgency powers and other officer decisions during the COVID-19 emergency.

This page lists the meetings for Adults and Children's Committee.

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Information about Adults and Children's Committee

The Adults and Children’s Committee is responsible for the following specific functions/activities:


Education and Skills

Adult Social Care


Public Health

School Places

Environmental Health

Approval of the Schools Budget Estimates and Schools Funding Formula

Kingston Community Sport and Physical Activity Network

Special Educational Needs


Pupil Referral Units

Better Homes

Children’s Centres

Community Housing Trust

Youth Service


Looked after Children




AfC Commissioning