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Housing Sub-Committee - Terms of Reference


(Approved at Council 26 April 2016 subject to final Constitutional amendments)


1.     The sub-committee has overall responsibility for the Council’s housing functions, including council housing, homelessness, allocations and standards of housing in the area.


Specific responsibilities include:

(a)     The Council’s Housing Strategy;

(b)     homelessness and the allocation of housing;

(c)     the commissioning or delivery of landlord functions in relation to council owned housing;

(d)     all matters related to the regulation of private sector housing;

(e)     housing licensing and housing enforcement;

(f)      housing loans and grants


In addition the Sub-Committee :

(g)     oversees the Housing Revenue Account, making recommendations to the Adults and Children's Committee on its management;

(h)     contributes to the development and delivery of the estate regeneration programme and is responsible for the policies and processes required to implement the programme, where they relate to residents and leaseholders;

(i)      considers and makes recommendations to the Adults and Children's Committee on matters relating to the the council’s wider health and wellbeing policies and programmes




Not less than two voting members of the Sub-Committee present at a meeting may require any resolution to take action to be reported to the next meeting of the Adults and Children's Committee and, if they so desire, the matter under consideration shall be the subject of a recommendation to the Adults and Children’s Committee provided that the matter is not deemed so urgent that it is in the public interest for this provision not to apply.