Councillors and committees

Agenda item


To consider questions from the gallery on items not on the agenda


1.    The Chair stated that a written question had been received about waste being left in an alley between Acre Road and East Road.  She confirmed that this has been passed on to officers and a written response will be sent to the questioner who was unable to attend this meeting.


2.    Mr Nick Armfield raised a concern about the increasing numbers of oversized lorries and out of service buses using Orchard Road (a turning off Wheatfield Way) and requested consideration be given to making Orchard Road one way or no entry or alternative ways of preventing breaches of the 7.5 tonne zone. Photographic evidence was circulate to members of the committee.  He explained that he had raised the matter with Transport for London and whilst there was temporary reduction in use of the road by buses, the problem has returned.


Councillor Jon Tolley stated that he lives in Fairfield South, recognised the problems and would consider this issue.  The Highways Engineer added that Mr Armfield had raised the matter with him previously and stated that signage and road markings had been added.  However, further changes would be difficult to enforce particularly if vehicles have a legitimate reason for access. He agreed to give the matter further consideration.


3.    Mr Roger Hayes of Beaufort Road raised concerns about the Hotel Antoinette site.  Planning permission was granted in 2017.  He understood that James Taylor Homes had purchased the site and intend to build a larger 99 unit development for which they do not have planning permission.  


He asked why a planning consultation item had not been bought to this Committee and whether there is the intention for a new application to be considered by Development Control Committee in the near future.


The Vice Chair explained that the Leader of the Council has been in contact with James Taylor Homes, both members and officers have received many emails and it is clear that residents have not been kept informed. 


The Planning Officer stated that he would be meeting with James Taylor Homes on 28 March.  He confirmed that some works on site may have exceeded planning permission and may affect the viability assessment.  The viability assessment is needed before an application can be brought to committee for decision and he hoped to be able to advise members and residents about the position during the following week.

4.    Andrea Craig raised concerns about road works in the vicinity of Kingston Town Centre and the resulting traffic chaos which has continued for many months.  She also drew attention to the poor level of communications and warnings of up-coming road closures.


The Chair accepted that there had been traffic problems but that this is temporary and whilst some had been planned eg the cycle bridge (which overran) there had been unforeseen events eg a burst water main and university gas works.


Councillor David Cunningham pointed out that the Liberal Democrat manifesto included the suggestion to appoint an officer to pre-plan works but this appointment had not been made.  The Highways Engineer advised that permits are required to undertake works on the public highway and that the processes consider the bigger picture, however, emergencies have to be addressed.