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Cambridge Road Estate Redevelopment Joint Venture Contract Award

To consider the report with recommendations at Appendix C of the agenda pack.


The Council agreed to bring forward this item on the agenda because of the large numbers of members of the public attending for it.

The Council considered a report at Appendix C of its agenda pack which incorporated a report to and recommendations from the Finance and Contracts Committee meeting on 18 March 2019 relating to the mechanisms through which the Council will enter into a joint venture to deliver the redevelopment of the Cambridge Road Estate.  (The report included in Annex 1 Enclosure 2 commercially sensitive elements of the procurement exercise outcomes which are exempt from disclosure to the public in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 3 of Part 1 of Schedule 12A to the Local Government Act 1972 and were consequently circulated separately to Members of the Council.) Members also had regard to the two petitions on this topic which had been heard earlier in the meeting.

Cambridge Road Estate (CRE) is a council estate of over 830 homes in Norbiton Ward, built in the late 1960s and early 1970s and now in need of major investment.  Over the last two years the Council has been preparing the ground for a comprehensive phased regeneration of the area.  This included undertaking a procurement process to secure a suitably qualified and experienced developer partner to enter into a 50:50 joint venture with the Council to deliver a comprehensive redevelopment, including new homes and community facilities that meet modern standards.  It is a key priority of the Council to ensure that residents are at the heart of the regeneration plans.

The Committee recommended that Countryside Properties (UK) Ltd, previously identified as the preferred bidder, should now be awarded the contract and a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) be established with Countryside in order to bring forward the development of the estate. 



1.            the contract be awarded to Countryside Properties (UK) Ltd;

2.            a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) be established;

3.            authority be delegated to the Finance and Contracts Committee to: (a) appoint RBK councillors and officer representatives to the LLP Board and any other related body; and (b) review and approve LLP Business Plans; and

4.            authority is delegated to the Director of Growth (in consultation with the Director of Corporate and Commercial, Leaders, relevant Administration Portfolio Holders, and Opposition Spokespeople) to agree the name of the Joint Venture LLP, negotiate the final detailed terms of the agreements being entered into, and agree that the Council enter into the following agreements:

·                LLP Members’ Agreement

·                Development Agreement

·                Completion Agreement

·                Phase Lease and Works Agreement

·                CPO Indemnity Agreement

·                Project Management Agreement

·                Construction Management Agreement

·                Corporate Services Agreement

·                Any ancillary agreements or documents necessary to give effect to the setting up of the Joint Venture LLP in accordance with the agenda report and its appendices


For: 39 Members of the Council (The Deputy Mayor (Councillor Olivia Boult) and Councillors Zain Abbas, Stephanie Archer, Roy Arora, Kim Bailey, Tricia Bamford, Rowena Bass, Mark Beynon, Tim Cobbett, David Cunningham, Emily Davey, Kevin Davis, Lorraine Dunstone, Mark Durrant, Simon Edwards, Sam Foulder-Hughes, Ed Fram,

Hilary Gander, Ian George, Liz Green, Jaesung Ha, Alison Holt, Jason Hughes,

Caroline Kerr, Andreas Kirsch, Katrina Lidbetter, Rebekah Moll, Maria Netley, Dave Ryder-Mills, Anita Schaper, Malcolm Self, John Sweeney, Margaret Thompson, Jon Tolley,

Diane White, Ollie Wehring, Annette Wookey, Yogan Yoganathan and Sharon Young.)

Against: Councillor Sharron Falchikov-Sumner

Abstaining: the Mayor, Councillor Thay Thayalan


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