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Partners' Updates and the Work Programme

To consider the Partners’ updates report and the work programme


The Partners’ Updates included contributions from Public Health Adult Social Care, Achieving for Children, Kingston CCG, Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Kingston Voluntary Action and Healthwatch Kingston.


The report included a new section on budgets, requested by the Co-Chairs, which will be further developed to support the increasing integration approach.  The Council will need to identify £8M in new savings for 2020/21 and £232M in total by 2023.  Reference was made to the contribution which ASC and Community Housing will need to make to the Council’s overall deficit.  Current ASC and Community Housing form 40% of the council’s budget.  A long list of possible savings together with the associated impacts will be drawn up for Members’ consideration.  Savings in 2020/21 will focus on the core offer including the preventative offer but excluding statuary and mandatory services.  Further savings will be required between 2021-2023.


Children’s services are experiencing significant financial pressures and projecting an overspend of £1.4M on general fund budgets for 2019/20 primarily relating to placements for children in care, supported accommodation for young people leaving care and for unaccompanied asylum seeking children


The ring-fenced Public Health Grant for Kingston has fallen year on year i.e. over 10% over the past 4 years.  It is unclear whether the grant will continue to be ring-fenced beyond the current year.


Kingston CCG expects to meet all financial targets this year, including the planned break-even position.  Kingston Hospital is experiencing challenges related to the increase demand for emergency and non-elective care but expects to deliver its financial plan.


The following areas were highlighted in the general updates:


Public Health:

·         Green Paper on Prevention “advancing our health: prevention in the 2020s” with further focus on childhood obesity, smoke-free society, introduction of a health index to rival GDP in government decision making.


·         Development of Neighbourhood Community Plans for each Neighbourhood


·         New public health duty to prevent and tackle serious violence


·         Measles cases (two in Kingston).  Most cases across South London are in unvaccinated or partially vaccinated individuals.


·         Annual Public Health Report is in development with a focus on place-based health

·         Funding awards for 10 integration projects for vulnerable and socially excluded refugees


·         Projects supporting the Korean community engagement with services


·         Mental Health First Aids courses


Adult Social Care:


·         Community catalyst CIC – supporting solutions for individual care and support needs


·         Supported employment


·         Dementia support and development service


Achieving for Children:


·         SEND transformation plan:


o   5 year Recovery plan submitted in June


o   SEND futures conference held in June


o   Parent Consortium - met on four occasions and exploring whether it can become the official Parent Carer Forum


o   Improved local provision has enabled reductions of children placed in independent sector and non-maintained special schools


o   Significant improvement in completion of timely EHCP assessments


·         Details of senior staffing changes


Kingston Clinical Commissioning Group:


·         Five primary care networks (PCNs) set up in Kingston and delivering extended hours provision.  Social prescriber and clinical pharmacist roles being appointed to each.


·         Healthy London Partnership is supporting a five year programme and funding for the development of organisational maturity for PCNs


·         The NHS Long Term Plan (LTP) requires development of a five year he strategy to take forward the LTP.  The strategy will reflect the Local Health and Care Plan and SWL clinical programmes. The draft strategy will be submitted by 27 September and the final agreed version should be published by 15 November.


·         The refreshed SWL Sustainable Transformation Partnership Plan focuses on health and care organisations working at borough level and the six Borough Local Health and Care Plans will be published in September


·         Moving Forward together – discussed elsewhere on the agenda.


·         Mental Health Training for line managers


·         Parliamentary Award for K&R CCGs – staff wellbeing


·         Annual report and AGM on 17 September.


Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust:


·         Increasing demand for non-elective services continues to increase


·         Improved results in the National Inpatient survey


·         Bereavement bag launch


·         Refreshed organisational strategy for the next 3-5 years encompassing the NHS Long Term Plan and aims of “Patient First”


·         Kennet Ward renovation to become 3rd dementia friendly ward


·         AGM on 12 September


·         Brexit Plan is in place


·         Kingston Hospital is ranked no 1 for cancer in England


·         NHS Parliamentary Award for discharge support volunteers


Kingston Voluntary Action:


·         Connected Kingston developments


·         Food Poverty


·         Participation in several different mental health meetings.  The question of duplication of role and effort was discussed.


Healthwatch Kingston:


·         Annual report published in June

·         Details of recent Open Meetings


·         Progress by the five Task Groups – Community Care, Hospital Services, Mental Health, Learning disability and Youth Out Loud!


·         All Age Learning Disabilities Partnership Board


·         Thrive Kingston Mental Health Strategy Planning and \Implementation Group


·         Time to Change Kingston Hub


The work programme was agreed as follows:


19 November 2018


Progress update on the SEND Transformation Plan


Annual Report of the Child Death Overview Panel 2018/19


28 February 2020


Annual Report of the Director of Public Health – place-based approaches to health


RESOLVED that:  the report and the work programme is noted.


Voting – unanimously in favour

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