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Development Control Committee

Purpose of committee



The Committee has concurrent reserve powers with Neighbourhood Committees to enable it to deal with any planning application that an individual Neighbourhood was unable to deal with for whatever reason (eg where a substantial number of Neighbourhood Councillors have prejudicial interest in a matter).


  1. The exercise of the Council’s Development Control responsibilities in respect of the following categories of planning application. Neighbourhood Committees to be formally consulted on all such applications.


a)    In relation to development of such classes as the Development Control Committee may from time to time determine shall be the subject of recommendations to them including major developments involving the construction of more that 20 new dwellings or more than 1000sq metres of non residential floorspace.


b)    A major planning application for development which is contary to Council policy unless is intended to refuse the application.


c)    Any application which, in the view of the Head of Planning, is in the public interest what it should be considered by the Committee.


d)    Where the Head of Planning considers that an application should be refused where such a decision will result in the Council being made liable for a payment of compensation, save in the case of development which would have been permitted development but for an Article 4 direction.


  1. The Committee may also consider and respond to consultations from external bodies, or the Strategic Committees.


  1. The control of high hedges under Part 8 of the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003.


  1. To receive performance monitoring information on matters within the remit of the Committee.



Contact information

Support officer: Samuel Nicholls 020 8547 5533. e-mail: