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Committee details

Schools Forum

Purpose of committee


The Schools Forum consults on:

·         the Local Authority’s school funding formula

·         specified issues relating to the School’s Budget

·         service contracts with a value exceeding specified limits; and


The Forum also makes decisions on various aspects of funding affecting the Schools Budget, such as proposals to meet Special Educational Needs, transport costs, or termination of employment costs from this budget.

The Forum consists of representatives from across the local education sector and usually meets three times a year.


Schools Forum Guide 2015


  • Tom Gibson   
  • Siobhan Lowe   
  • Rachel Nye   
  • Mike Tweedale   
  • Debbie Walls   
  • Sam Axbey   
  • Akintoye Michelle Oluyinka   
  • Ash Ali  (Vice-Chair) 
  • Tracey Coton   
  • Ian Keary   
  • Mark Clutterbuck   
  • Councillor Maria Netley   
  • Councillor Olly Wehring   
  • Sean Maher   
  • Esther White   
  • Margie Lindsay   
  • Mike Gascoigne  (Chair) 
  • Martin Newton  (Secretary) 
  • Richard Williamson   
  • Sophie Cavanagh   
  • Peter Boulton   
  • Julia James   
  • Emily Newton   
  • Councillor Diane White   

Contact information

Support officer: Martin Newton Email: Tel 020 8547 6086