Councillors and committees

Committee details

Standards Committee

Purpose of committee

1.          To promote and maintain high standards of conduct amongst elected, co-opted, and advisory members of the Authority.


2.         Generally, to be responsible for matters relating to the declaration and registration of interests.


3.         To advise the Council on the adoption or revision of a Code of Conduct for members, this is to include the monitoring of the operation and effectiveness and any updating of the Code as appropriate.


4.         To advise and assist in observing the Code, including arranging for the training of members in matters of conduct, and advice to individual members on such issues as the treatment of interests and, generally, on matters of conduct.


5.         To hear and determine any appeals by Members against the Monitoring Officer’s decisions on the grant of a dispensation.


6.         To set up arrangements, including the establishment of a Sub –Committee, for the formal hearing of any complaints referred by the Monitoring Officer and to determine the procedure to be followed for any hearing. .


7.         Where, following a hearing, by the Committee or Sub Committee, a failure to comply with the Code of Conduct is found, to


  1. impose one or more of the sanctions



1.     Censuring or reprimanding the member;


2.     Reporting the Committee’s findings to Council for information;


3.     Recommending to the member’s Group Leader that he/she be removed from any or all Committees or Sub Committees of the Council.  In the case of ungrouped members or in respect of Committees to which the political balance requirements do not apply, recommend to Council that he/she be removed from any or all Committees or Sub-Committees of the Council;


4.     Recommending to the Leader of the Council or Group Leader that the member be removed from particular Portfolio responsibilities;


5.     Request that the member undertakes such training as may be specified (to be arranged by the MO);


  1. refer the proposed imposition of one or more of the following sanctions for decision by Council


6.     Removing from all outside appointments to which he/she has been appointed or nominated by the Council;


7.     Withdrawing facilities provided to the member by the Council, such as a computer, website and/or email and Internet access; or


8.     Excluding the member from the Council’s offices or other premises, with the exception of meeting rooms as necessary for attending Council, Committee and Sub-Committee meetings.


8.         To advise on good practice generally through training and the adoption, where necessary of protocols.


To adjudicate on any dispute as to entitlement to payments under the Dependent’s Allowance Scheme, and any allegations of abuse of the Scheme.


Contact information

Support officer: Gary Marson - tel 020 8547 5021. e.mail: