Councillors and committees

Committee details

Scrutiny Panel

Purpose of committee


To consider the call-in of certain decisions of Strategic and Neighbourhood Committees by 100 or more members of the Community or 9 Councillors.

The Panel does not have decision-making powers but can make recommendations on the decisions called in either to the Committee responsible for the called in decision or to Council.

The Call In Procedure Rules are set out in Part 4C of the Constitution.


Summary of Call-In Procedure (Applies to decisions made but not yet implemented)


Who can call in a decision

100 interested people - someone who lives, works, studies, or owns a property or business in the Borough. or 9 elected Members of the Council

Time limit on call in

Within ten working days after the date of the meeting (so that, for example, when a meeting falls on a Thursday evening the call-in expires at 5pm on the Thursday a fortnight hence) Formal notice of decisions will be published, normally on the day after each meeting, in order to facilitate the call-in process.


A valid call in

A community call-in must be submitted in writing and

·         identify the decision to be called in and the reason(s) for it being called-in.

·         it must be apparent from the document itself that each person who has subscribed to it is clear as to the decision to be called in and the reasons for the call-in

·         everyone subscribing to the call-in document must sign it individually, either in hard copy or electronic format, include their name and address or their borough workplace or property owned in the borough.


Call ins not meeting the requirements

If it appears to the Monitoring Officer that a community call-in does not meet the requirements of time limits or form of call in

At the end of the five day period if the call-in request still does not meet the requirements the Monitoring Officer, in consultation with the Leader of the Council and the Chair of the Scrutiny Panel, is authorised to reject it.


How is the Call in heard

It is referred to the Scrutiny Panel to be heard within fifteen working days from the decision that a call in is valid.

Implementation of the decision is halted until the call in process is completed.


Members who took part in the original decision called in cannot sit on the Scrutiny Panel which is due to consider it. They may, however, be asked to attend in order to submit evidence to the Panel.


At the meeting

The form of the proceedings at the meeting is at the discretion of the Panel but the order of speaking will normally follow this order:

1.    A representative of those named in the call in request and possibly other representatives at the Chair’s discretion.

2.    Questions from the Committee

3.    Member(s) responsible for the decision – generally the Committee Chair or the relevant Portfolio Holder.

4.    Questions from a) the call in representative and b) the Committee

5.    Relevant Officers

6.    Questions from a) the call in representative and b) the Committee

7.    Final comments from the representative of those calling in the decision

8.    Final comments from Councillors responsible for the decision.


Response to the Call in

The Panel can

1.    reject the request for the call-in, in which instance the original decision of the Strategic or Neighbourhood, is effective immediately and may proceed to implementation;

2.    agree, partially or wholly with the reasons for the call in and refer it back to the relevant Committee with a request to review and/or make revisions to its decision taking account of recommendations from the Panel for amendment or reversal of the decision;

3.    refer it to Council, where this would make for a more speedy determination of the decision or where there are other exceptional circumstances


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Contact information

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