Councillors and committees

Committee details

Finance and Contracts Committee

Purpose of committee

The remit of the Committee is:


(1)       To be the principal means by which advice on strategic policy and plans is given and co-ordinated and to advise the Council, as necessary, on strategic issues.


            This to include:

(a)  allocating resources to spending committees and taking such action as necessary to effect the maintenance, extension or contraction of services;

(b)  preparing and keeping under review the Council’s Medium Term Service and Financial Plan and Budget and recommending to the Council the levying of a Council Tax in respect of each financial year;


(2)       To maintain general oversight of the organisation, performance and operational working of the Council and to be responsible for the overall strategic direction of the Council including the following specific functions/activities:


            Constitutional Issues

            Electoral Services

            Legal Affairs

            Our Kingston Programme


            Regulatory services including Trading Standards and most of Environmental Health

Finance (Revenue and Capital)

Human Resources and Pensions

Contracts and Commissioning

Revenues and Benefits

Asset Management, including the disposal or acquisition of land or property

Cemeteries and Crematoria

Registration Services


(3)          To submit recommendations to the Council in the event of a difference of opinion arising between committees upon a matter which falls within the terms of reference of more than one committee.


(4)          To be responsible for those matters not specifically allocated to any other committee affecting the affairs of the Council.


(5)          To exercise the powers of any of the other Strategic Committees in cases where determination of a matter is urgent, subject to the approval of the Chair of the relevant Committee and the Leader of the Council.


(6)          To consider and take any necessary action upon proposals for new legislation, Bills before Parliament, Acts of Parliament and other proceedings before Parliament affecting or likely to affect the interests of the Borough or its inhabitants generally where not the specific concern of any other committee(s).  The promotion of Bills and Provisional and Statutory Orders in Parliament shall be dealt with by the Council.



Contact information

Support officer: Gary Marson, Democratic Services Team Leader. Tel: 0208 547 5021/email