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Better traffic calming measures for Villiers Road

We the undersigned petition the council to Remove the recently installed pavement extensions that have been added to the south end of Villiers Road and replace with more effective traffic calming measures, such as a chicane or a speed camera.

Two pavements at the south end of Villiers Road have recently been extended so that they jut out into the road. This means that two cars can no longer pass alongside each other and are therefore forced to swerve into the other side of the road, creating a bottleneck that has led to numerous incidents of road rage. K4 and K1 buses are regularly delayed at this point, as they can’t get around the newly laid pavement. Residents have to put up with the stop and start of cars outside their houses, as well as extreme difficulty parking their cars outside their own homes.

Started by: Ema Francis (Grove Labour Action Team)

This ePetition ran from 05/02/2018 to 05/08/2018 and has now finished.

57 people signed this ePetition.