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Support the proposal for low traffic zone in Albert Road/Church Rd/Victoria Rd

We the undersigned petition the council to Press ahead with the proposal to create a low traffic zone in the Albert Road, Church Road and Victoria Road areas. And to make the changes to road layout and access permanent.

The Council are, for a trial 6 month period, seeking to reverse the traffic flow on Albert road (making it southbound only) and place planter pots at the junction with Hawks Road. The intention is to significantly reduce ‘rat run’ traffic travelling northbound through Albert Road. Many of the vehicles using it as a rat run travel at speeds far greater than the speed limit posing significant dangers, especially to children at the local primary school. This action will also ensure residents on Church Road and Victoria Road see much reduced traffic.

The councils proposals will turn all three roads into quieter areas and improve life quality for residents. Cyclists will be most welcomed and safer with a dedicated contra flow system and ability to still access Hawks Road as the barrier at the end will not impede cycle access.

My e-petition supports the councils proposals.

Started by: Alex Williams

This ePetition ran from 14/08/2020 to 19/11/2020 and has now finished.

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