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Implement Anti Speeding Restrictions by introducing 20 mph on Red Lion Road

We the undersigned petition the council to Introduce 20mph driving restrictions from Number 1 Red Lion Road approximately up to Number 165 Red Lion Road please.

Section between: Number 1 - 165 Red Lion Road:
There is constant speeding by Buses, Car, Vans and HGV, motor vehicles throughout the daytime, evening and through the night. There is never a moment in time when there is not vehicle speeding over 30 mph down and up Red Lion Road. This is because motor vehicles are using this section of Red Lion Road between House No: 1 - 165 as a short cut through Road - from Ewell Road to the A3 or from the A3 down to Ewell Road. There is never a time when heavy speeding vehicles are adhering to the speed limit 30 mph. There are two schools and Tolworth Hospital as well as residential houses and flats etc. within the vicinity. There has been several vehicle accidents and near accidents due to vehicles speeding along this section Red Lion Road which is always a constant danger to both pedestrians, cyclists etc. In addition the heavy traffic and speeding both produce high air pollution due to vehicle emissions which ultimately, affects young children and people of all ages with health conditions living along and walking down this particular section of Red Lion Road which is ultimately a residential area now.

Started by: Suzie Vernel

This ePetition ran from 17/08/2021 to 17/09/2021 and has now finished.

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