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Declare a Climate Emergency

We the undersigned petition the council to Immediately and publicly declare a state of Climate Emergency in line with the demands laid out below.

The air is becoming unbreathable.
The oceans are acidifying.
The ice is melting.
The temperatures and seas are rising.
Wildlife is dying and ecosystems are collapsing.
Climate forecasts are now truly horrific, we are already witnessing the 6th mass extinction.
Unless radical action is taken without delay we are dooming ourselves, our children and all other species on this planet to a terrible fate beyond imagination.

As local residents and active supporters of Extinction Rebellion Kingston, we therefore demand that you:

Immediately and publicly declare a Climate Emergency.
Commit to going carbon neutral by 2025.
This would be consistent with the world keeping within 1.5 degrees warming limit as committed to in the Paris Climate Agreement, thereby securing our children's futures along with most remaining natural habitats and ecosystems.

Publish the Council's new Climate strategy as soon as possible as well as a binding deadline for doing so.

Publish content on the Council's website outlining its Climate Strategy and carbon reduction commitments, along with suitable carbon reduction information, advice and support for residents. This must be inline with meeting the 2025 deadline as outlined above.

Agree to a timetable for reporting publicly the progress being made on the commitments made in the new Climate Strategy.

Extinction Rebellion aims to raise awareness about this urgent crisis, spurring ordinary people to do whatever they can to help address this issue.
As councillors you have a responsibility to do the same!

Started by: Chris Smith (Extinction Rebellion Kingston)

This ePetition ran from 19/03/2019 to 15/04/2019 and has now finished.

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