Councillors and committees

Declarations of interest


Meeting:  Thursday 7 November 2019 7:30 pm - Surbiton Neighbourhood Committee

8. Community Grants

  • Councillor Diane White - Personal - Councillor Diane White declared a personal interest in the application for community grant from Citizen Zoo. Reason: The organisation for which Councillor White works has a professional contacts with Citizen Zoo. [Councillor White withdrew from the room during the deliberations on this item and did not participate in the decision-making on it.]

Meeting:  Tuesday 19 November 2019 7:30 pm - Health and Wellbeing Board

1. Declarations of Interest

  • Councillor Diane White - Personal - Councillor White declared an interest in any relevant items for consideration insofar as she is employed in the voluntary sector.

Meeting:  Thursday 30 January 2020 7:30 pm - Children's and Adults' Care and Education Committee

8. Voluntary Sector Contract Extensions

  • Councillor Diane White - Pecuniary - Councillor White is the CEO of Kingston Carers Network - one of the voluntary sector organisations to which the report relates. [Councillor White declared a pecuniary interest in this item, withdrew from the Chair and from the meeting during its consideration, and took no part in the deliberations on the item.]